The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: April 10 – 14, 2017 – It’s Showstopper Week…

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful April 10 – 14, 2017:  Thomas is heartbroken over Sally’s change of heart;  Spectra and Forrester prepare to show new collections;  Bill sees to Spectra’s failure…

    It’s a Showstopper of a Week

    Thomas and Sally – Sally Says Goodbye

    Thomas is both taken aback and upset by Sally’s change of heart regarding their relationship, when she tells him goodbye.  He finds it hard to believe that she is breaking up with him just because he hadn’t gotten around to telling her that he had a son, yet.  Thomas wants to know what else is going on?

    Of course, there is more going on.  Her grandmother played the guilt card telling Sally she owed her and that Thomas Forrester would end up with someone like Caroline Spencer who he shares a child with, not a Spectra.

    But right up until the last moment, Sally is having second thoughts about betraying Thomas, the man she is falling in love with…and Thomas doesn’t give up either.  he turns up at Spectra Fashions to try win back Sally, but Saul chases him away.

    Can RJ convince Thomas to turn up to the Sepctra Fashion show in support of the women they are smitten with?  Likely.

    And then Thomas will learn the real reason behind Sally dumping him, when Thomas and Ridge’s latest designs feature on the Spectra fashion show run-way.

    April 10 - 14, 2017 B&B Spoilers

    Spectra’s Fashion Show – Doubts

    Armed with some Forrester Original Designs to base their new knock-off collection upon, Spectra holds another fashion show.

    Jarret, from Eye on Fashion, which in turn is published by Spencer Publications is ordered once more to attend.  He was surprised by Sally Spectra’s original designs last time, but the editor’s pen (Bill’s) made Jarret’s review unfavorable.  He once again is ordered by boss, Bill Spencer to write a scatihing review of Spectra’s design.

    Bill doesn’t think Sally’s designs can compete with Forresters.  Even on her best day.

    Why does Bill Spencer care so much?  Is it because he owns 12.5% of Forrester Creations?  Hardly.  Bill wants the land that the Spectra building sits on to build a new high rise, no doubt in his name.  But for CJ Garrison to sell him the old Spectra building he has to kick his tenants (Sally and Shirley) out.  So Bill wants to give that process a helping hand by assisting in the failure of Sally’s business.

    Over at Spectra, Sally and Shirley prepare for the showing of their hot new collection.  But there is a challenge.  Coco.  Coco is unaware that by wearing the jewelry Shirley and Sally have given her that she is the Forrester spy feeding the designs to Spectra Fashions.

    RJ Forrester has taken a liking to Coco and despite his family’s concerns about her last name, RJ has been adamant Coco can be trusted and has shown her some of his dad’s latest designs – including the showstopper for their next collection.  RJ smitten with the pretty young Spectra, tells Coco he will always stand by her – even if her name is Spectra.

    That also means that Coco will recognize Spectra Fashions designs for what they are – Forrester knock-offs.  Shirley and Sally work hard to keep Coco away from Spectra’s new designs…

    But a forlorn Sally is also a problem for Shirley.  What she is doing – betraying Thomas hits Sally squarely in the face when it is Thomas’ signature on one of the designs.  Sally continues to have second thoughts, but Shirley is adamant.  Sally can’t have success and Thomas Forrester.

    And Sally knows this.  When Steffy questions her about why she broke off her relationship with Thomas, Sally’s logic doesn’t make sense to Steffy.  Sally grimaces and tells her it will.  Soon enough.

    Sally harbors doubts right up until she sees the press and buyers celebrating their collection.  They seem t like us she tells her grandmother, who is thrilled with their success.  They love us, Shirley tells her granddaughter.

    But Coco isn’t so pleased.  She works out pretty quickly that the designs Spectra has presented are stolen; from the Forresters…

    Forrester Creations Fashion Show – Confidence

    Over at Forrester Creations, they too are in last minute preparations for their upcoming fashion show.  With is design challenges now clearly behind him and no longer needing Caroline Spencer as his muse, Ridge crows that this is their best collection ever…

    Ridge can’t wait til the world gets a load of their latest collection…unfortunately for him, the world may see his designs on the Spectra runway first…

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    Monday, April 10, 2017 – Sally tells Thomas Goodbye
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    Thursday, April 13, 2017 – Shirley reminds everyone what is at stake
    Friday, April 14, 2017 – Stolen!

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