The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: April 17 – 21, 2017 – Stolen Designs!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful April 17 – 21, 2017:  The Foresters scramble to work out how their designs were stolen; Coco is devastated when she realizes Sally used her to steal designs from the Forrester’s.

    Stolen Designs and Betrayals

    Thomas and Sally; Coco and RJ

    The Spectra/Forrester relationships are in trouble this week.

    Last week, Thomas was baffled by Sally’s decision to end their relationship. When asked Sally said it was about Thomas not being honest about his son with Caroline Spencer, but neither Thomas or Steffy were buying into Sally’s story.  All Sally could say was that all would become clear.

    And with Spectra’s first fashion show now in the can, things are much clearer.  Spectra has stolen Forrester’s designs and Forrester is in damage control trying to work out how Spectra got hold of their designs.  Clearly Thomas and RJ will come under pressure here given they have both been romancing Spectra women.

    April 17 - 21, 2017 B&B Spoilers

    Spectra’s Fashion Show Fallout

    Somehow, Coco, a Forrester intern managed to get time off work to attend her family’s fashion show launching their latest collection.

    In a flashy show Spectra has impressed buyers and the press and Sally gets to ride the high – for a short time, before she has to deal with the fallout.

    Thanks to pressure from her grandmother, Sally has betrayed not on the Thomas Forrester, who declared his love to persuade her to give them a chance, but she has also compromised her relationship with her sister, Coco.

    With Thomas Forrester arriving at the end of the Spectra Fashion show to see his family’s designs on the runway with a triumphant Sally he realizes quickly that he has been made a fool of.  He defended her to his family telling them she wasn’t like her great aunt and that she was a good person.  Sally can only tells a hurt, betrayed and angry Thomas that she tried to be a good person.  She begs for another chance, but Thomas can’t do it.

    Jarrett Maxwell, Bill Spencer’s Eye on Fashion reported has some questions for Saul about Spectra’s new direction which is very Forrester-like.

    And Coco quickly realizes that not only are the designs stolen but she will be the number one suspect when the Forrester’s turn their minds to how this could have happened.   But Coco is dumbfounded because she had nothing to do with it.  Shirley tells her granddaughter to just maintain that stance is anyone asks…because if was her that provided Spectra the designs.

    Once it comes to light that Coco is the source of the stolen designs, albeit unwittingly, Coco will likely lose her internship and RJ Forrester’s trust.  Will Coco ever forgive her family for what they have cost her?  Coco rushes right over to Forrester to do damage control.  RJ will concede that her family did do a good job of ripping his off.  Though by the time the Forresters asks Coco to leave, RJ belives that she didn’t know what her family was using her for.

    Steffy too isn’t too pleased that their entire collection just appeared on the Spectra runway, leaving them nothing to launch.  Can they design a new collection?  For the moment Steffy is furious with her brothers.  Thomas takes it on the chin and tells his sister she was right about Sally Spectra and that she can tell him so.

    Older and wiser than RJ, Thomas advises RJ that they both need to leave the Spectra women behind.  he’s moving on from Sally; and RJ needs to do the same with Coco.  Steffy hammers home that point to Sally Spectra by telling her that any association the Spectra’s had with her family, is now over.

    The Price of Sally’s Success to High

    Over at Spectra, and after her confrontation with Thomas over the stolen collection and her betrayal of him and her family, Sally tells Shirley that the success they are enjoying – the money coming in from buyers clamoring over their stolen collection is just too high.

    It’s cost Sally Thomas; it cost Coco her job and RJ; and its likely irreparably damaged Sally and Coco’s relationship.

    Sally is right about Coco.  She never would have believed that her sister could betray her the way that Sally did.

    But Shirley is adamant.  She isn’t going to let Sally through her future away over Prince Charming who is only entertaining himself with Sally until his baby mamma comes back to him from New York…

    Bill Spencer Gets The Girl?

    Bill’s plan to take a wrecking ball to the Spectra Fashion’s building may have failed thanks to a successful line of (stolen) designs, but Bill does succeed in another arena.

    When Brooke comes to see him, Bill tells her that he may not know what happened to cause her to cancel her wedding to Ridge in Australia, but he did know that sooner or later, Ridge would revert to type and live up to his history.  Hard for Brooke to deny, because its pretty much what happened…

    It looks like after a couple of weeks without a man in her bed, that Brooke may be ready to revisit another love – her stallion – Bill Spencer.  It looks like Bill may have dismantled his private office boudoir as he clears his desk as he takes Brooke into his arms…she will never take his love for granted again Brooke tells Bill when she returns his sword necklace to him.

    Bill tells Brooke that he would have waited forever for her…but he’s still curious what happened between her and Ridge…

    Ridge Wants the Girl

    Despite the sexual tension soaring between Ridge and Quinn during a honey incident in the Forrester kitchen, Ridge maintains there is only one woman for him – Brooke – and he’s going to get her back…

    Katie – On the Take

    Meanwhile, Bill’s ex, Katie is using some new found power of her own.  She knows exactly what has been going on between Ridge and Quinn.  And unlike Brooke, Katie doesn’t think Eric should be kept in the dark. Perhaps because like her two older sisters, Katie too has taken a fancy to Eric Forrester.

    Katie tells Quinn and Ridge that as long as they keep her happy, she won’t tell their dirty little secret…but is Katie waking Quinn’s crazy psychopathic tendencies?

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     Coming Up on The Bold and the Beautiful

    After his heartbreak and bretrayal by Sally Spectra, Thomas throws himself into his work.  Which is just as well.  According to Carter, legal action agaisnt Spectra would be pointless, which means Forrester needs a new collection – pronto.

    Bill still wants to know what happened in Sydney to stop Brooke marrying Ridge.  Will Brooke tell him?  Bill hasn’t go the best reputation for keeping secrets.  Probably because her runs all those tabloids…

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