August 25: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Make Spectra Fashions Disappear

Friday, August 25, 2017 – Episode #7658


Bold and the  Beautiful Spoilers

Bill Will Destroy Spectra Fashions

Sitting in his office, Bill is determined that he will crush Spectra Fashions so that he can build his Spectra Tower on the land that Spectra Fashions dilapidated and run-down building occupies.   Sally’s recent success has Bill realizing he has to play dirty (ier) if he wants that land.  He comes up with another plan.

(If Bill want the land so badly, why doesn’t he just offer to relocate Spectra Fashions?)  Surely, he has many real estate holdings.

Sally Misses Thomas

Sally may be riding a high from her first solo showings success, but when she talks with Thomas it is obvious the distance between them is difficult.  She understands that he is busy in New York with Caroline and Douglas but asks if there is any way he can be in town tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Sally and Coco try to keep Sally’s spirits and confidence high.  Shirley in an almost prophetic statement tells her that their showing is going to set Spectra Fashions ablaze.

Coco is a little less effusive in her support.  She tells her sister that there is nothing anyone can do to stop her.  Not even big bad Bill Spencer.

But, despite this, Sally is keenly aware that Bill Spencer has the means and desire to squash her like a bug.

Spoilers Friday August 25, 2017

August 25 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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