August 31: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Caroline’s Terminal Illness Is Bogus

Thursday, August 31, 2017 – Episode #7662


Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

Thomas Surprises Sally

Still in hospital after seeing Spectra Fashions go up in flames – literally, Sally gets a surprise visitor who raises her spirits.  Thomas makes the trip back to Los Angeles to be by Sally’s side.  Will he stay?

When Thomas visits Sally in the hospital she tells him that she hates to sound needy, but she is.

Bill’s Lie Difficult to Conceal

Thomas, however, will be torn. He wants to be by Sally’s side because clearly, she could use the support, but in New York, Caroline, the mother of his child, is dying.

Or so Thomas believes.  Thanks to the lie Bill Spencer has told.

Caroline is also in town with Douglas and she visits with Uncle Bill.  Caroline, so far, hasn’t liked Bill’s lie, but hasn’t done anything to dispel it either.  On this visit however she reminds Bill that her terminal illness is bogus and Sally Spectra’s injuries are very real.

Liam and Steffy, however, know the truth about Bill’s lie.  And they are finding it harder and harder to keep the truth from their family.  Steffy notes that it looks like Bill will get his tower afterall.

Even Brooke wonders about Bill.  She speculates that Bill can afford to be generous with Spectra and help them set up shop elsewhere and front them a couple months rent.

Spoilers Monday August 31, 2017

August 31 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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