August 7: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – A Quinn and Sheila Showdown?

Monday, August 7, 2017 – Episode #7644


Has Quinn Fuller Met Her Match in Sheila Carter?

With Sheila’s words of caution, not to forgive Quinn’s betrayal of him, still ringing in his ears, Eric Forrester has headed home.  He calls ahead to let Quinn know he’s coming which gives Quinn ample time to chase Ridge from the Forrester mansion.  No point fueling Eric’s feeling of betrayal by having him find his son there!

At the office, Ridge confides in Steffy that he believes that Quinn may have lost Eric.

August 2017 Sheila and Quinn Showdown Bold and the Beautiful

Back at the mansion, Eric arrives and Quinn is effusive about having him home and communicating with each other so that they can get past this.  But Eric’s mind is made up.  He tells Quinn there will be no second chances.  He wants a divorce.

Of course, Eric’s sense of betrayal is exacerbated by a sense of de ja vu.  He lost Brooke to his son, Ridge also.

But Quinn is not one to give up easily.  She begs Eric to reconsider, to not give up on them.  But Eric has an equally powerful counter argument.

Holding divorce papers, he tells Quinn that if she really is the woman he thought; she really has changed she should show him.  Sign the divorce agreement and let him go, Eric tells Quinn.  An emotional Eric tells Quinn that he trusted her with all his heart; with his life; and she took that away from him.

But while Quinn considers Eric’s words, she is unaware of Sheila’s intentions.  A determined Sheila informs Charlie that she intends to be Eric Forrester’s wife again.  And if there is a woman from Eric’s past that is capable of giving Quinn a run for her money in scheming, manipulation and a dash of crazy, it’s Sheila.

Will Quinn find herself the victim of tactics she has employed in the past?  Will she prove to everyone she has changed and allow herself to be a victim of Sheila’s games?  Or are we in for a showdown between Sheila Carter and Quinn Fuller with Eric Forrester caught in the middle?

August 7 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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