August 8: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Eric Tears Up The Divorce Agreement

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 – Episode #7645


Quinn and Eric Back Together

After testing his wife, Eric tears up the divorce papers he had Carter draw up and Quinn signed.  Touched that his wife would walk away from their time together with nothing, Eric explains to her that he had to be sure.  He admits to Quinn that he felt deeply connected to her from the very first day; she touched something inside him that he never knew was there.  Quinn has her second chance, but it comes with a warning never to betray him again.

Pam spreads the news, likely to Charlie, that Eric and Quinn are back together.  Meanwhile, Charlie is with Sheila who tells him that one thing she has learned is that what is yours will come to you.

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Katie Gives in to her Attraction to Wyatt?

Katie tried to set Wyatt up with Charlotte the intern who made her attraction to Wyatt very obvious, by arranging a lunch date for the two.  Problem was, Wyatt isn’t into Charlotte, and when Charlotte and made that clear to Katie.

Seems like Katie regretted playing matchmaker also and when Wyatt returned to the office the duo ended up in each other’s arms. Is Katie over fighting the attraction and the appropriateness of becoming romantically involved with her ex-husband’s son?

Looks like she may be when she tells Wyatt its time they had some fun…and Wyatt isn’t disagreeing.

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