August 9: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – We’re All Dying…

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – Episode #7646


Bill Feels No Guilt

A self-satisfied Bill looks at his model of his new Spencer Tower sky scraper and gloats that Spectra Fashions will fall and his beautiful sky will rise.

Later, while having a drink with best buddy and legal counsel, Justin, Justin tells Bill that he can’t believe that he told Thomas that Caroline, the mother of his child, was dying.  Justin calls him a piece of work.

But Bill just brushes it off flippantly, by telling Justin that they are all dying.  They are all on the way out. Why not go out happy?  Bill justifies.

Bold and Beautiful Daily SPoilers

Sally Clues Liam in?

Liam is at Spectra Fashions and conversation appears to turn to Sally’s relationship with Thomas and him leaving Monte Carlo to go to New York and spend time with his son.

Sally tells Liam that they should be straight with each other. They all know Thomas trip was about more than spending time with his son…a lot more.

August 9 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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