Rome Flynn Leaving Role as Zende Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful


After just over two years of portraying Zende Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, Rome Flynn, in a love instagram chat announced he was leaving the soap.

Zende, is married to Maya’s sister, Nicole, so we can likely look forward to some change in Nicole’s marrital status.  Unless,  Zende remains heard but not seen.

Stay tuned to spoilers for hints as to Rome Flynn’s departure will play out on screen fro Nicole and Zende

Rome Flyn released the below statement on twitter about his departure and the work he and Reign Edwards did as Zende and Nicole.

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Zende Forrester
Zende and Nicole
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  1. Maya is selfish why do the writers let ths character win all the time she knows she is not lizzies mother nicole needs to get some back bone bb should have nicole and Rick have an affair

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