September 1: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Sally Worries About Her Future

Friday, September 1, 2017 – Episode #7663


Bold and teh Beautiful Spoilers September 1 2017

Will Thomas Help Rebuild Spectra?

Thomas struggles to know what to do when Sally and the Spectra Fashions staff all try to convince him to stick around in Los Angeles rather than go back to New York.

An emotional Sally who is still in the hospital tells Thomas that she is scared for her future; that she is worried that she cannot bounce back from this.

Sally and the Spectra team want him to help rebuild Spectra Fashions. Sally is fighting for her life also, just not quite as literally as Caroline is; or so Thomas thinks…thanks to Bill Spencer’s lie.

Will Bill Be Exposed?

Caroline questions her Uncle.  She already knows how far over the line of decency Bill Spencer will tread in order to get hold of the land that the Spectra Fashions building stands on.  After all, he lied to Thomas about Caroline’s health to get him to leave his job as Spectra Fashions designer and head to New York to support the mother of his child.

Caroline wonders how much Bill had to do with the fire at Spectra.  Does he know more about the fire that destroyed Spectra than he is letting on, Caroline wants to know.

Even, Bill’s wife, Brooke, has to concede that when it comes to business and making things happen, Bill Spencer is ruthless.

Liam is overcome by guilt.  If he does what he feels is the right thing; coming clean about the terrible things his father has had a hand in recently; he will lose his relationship with his father.

Spoilers Monday August 31, 2017

September 1 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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