The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 21 – 25, 2017 – Cons, Threats and Cuddling

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful August 21 – 25 2017:  Katie and Bill want to keep their romance a secret, but does Bill realize he and Wyatt have something in common?  Sheila threatens James to keep her con a secret…

    Can Wyatt and Katie Keep Their Secret?


    When Bill heads home in the middle of the day to spend some quality time with his youngest son, Will, he finds Katie in bed.  He finally clues in that Katie is spending some quality time of her own with a new man in her life.

    Katie chases Bill from her home while Wyatt hides.  But has Wyatt left something lying around that clues Bill into Katie’s secret lovers identity?

    Bold and the beautiful Spoilers

     Can Sheila Keep Her Secret?

    Over at the Forrester mansion Brooke questions Eric about helping Sheila.  She understands he’s a good person who seems to have a penchant for fixing broken women, but Brooke is suspicious about Sheila’s motives and is going to keep an eye on her – personally.

    Brooke questions James about how genuine Shela’s injuries are.  James assures Brooke Sheila shouldn’t be alone.  What Brooke doesn’t realize is that Sheila is holding James’ pain pill addiction over his head.

    If James tells the Forresters what Sheila is up to, she will end his career by telling James’ secret.

    Why is Thomas in New York?

    Brooke and Ivy are also curious about the real reason Thomas is in New York.  They push Steffy for details.

    Spectra Fashions – Preview

    Sally has a first preview without Thomas present.  Sparks fly when there is an electrical fire.

    Liam plays hero and saves the day.

    Shirley flirts with the electrical repair man portrayed by Happy Days’ Donny Most

    Bill isn’t happy with Liam and Jarrett when they won’t go along with his plans for Spectra Fashions.  He puts his plan to get rid of Spectra once and for all into action.

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Rome Flynn has left The Bold and the Beautiful and it was his choice.  MORE

    Look for Donny Most of Happy Days fame to guest star on The Bold and the Beautiful this week.  Turns out Shirley likes men who wear tool belts.

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