The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 28 – September 1, 2017 – Spectra Burns

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful August 28 – September 1, 2017:  Spectra burns leaving Sally’s life in ashes; Bill plans for his monument to himself to rise from Spectra’s ashes; but Liam may have other ideas.  Thomas returns to be by Sally’s side; Sheila and Quinn face off again.

    Spectra Burns

    Bill learned that the Spectra building was uninsured he found his way to make Spectra fashions disappear.

    Thanks to some faulty wiring which Sally doesn’t have the money to repair until after their showing, Bill puts in place a plan to see Spectra Fashions go down in a blaze of glory so that his Spencer Tower can rise from its ashes.

    Bill feels no remorse over what he has done, as long as he achieves his goal, which is all about building a monument as cold and large as his ego.

    But there are answers for Bill to answer…

    Even his wife has to admit that while Bill is a good man, when it comes to business and getting what he wants, Bill can be ruthless.

    Caroline too, wants to know if Bill knows more about the fire at Spectra than he is letting on…

    Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers August 2017

    Sally Tries to Save Spectra

    After a successful exclusive preview of the collection she has designed herself, Sally was confident that the showing would see her able to repair the faulty wiring in the Spectra building (surely that is the landlords responsibility?).

    The advice, from the electrician was however to turn of the electricity until it had been repaired.  But Sally couldn’t do that.  Instead she took her team to dinner.  When Sally returns to the office however, she finds it ablaze.  Sally tries to go in to save her work.

    But she is pulled from the office by a fireman and she is forced to watch her future burn to ashes before being admitted to the hospital.

    Thomas Return to Sally’s Side

    If there is one good think to come from Spectra’s misfortune, it is that it brings Thomas back to Sally’s side.  With her life in ashes, Thomas manages to leave New York to be with Sally in the hospital.

    Sally doesn’t mean to sound needy but the fact of the matter is, that’s exactly what she is.  She tells Thomas that she is scared for her future and worried that she can’t bounce back from this tragedy without his help.

    Now that he’s back, the Spectra team are determined that Thomas not leave again.  They beg Thomas to stay and help rebuild Spectra Fashions.

    Thomas does not come to town alone, however.  Caroline and Douglas also return.  Is the guilt getting to Caroline?  She reminds her Uncle that her terminal illness is bogus while Sally Spectra’s injuries are very real.

    Liam Accuses Bill of Arson

    Dollar Bill Spencer and his Boy Scout son, Liam have rarely seen eye to eye when it comes to moral and ethical dilemmas, but Liam is outraged by the lengths his father would go to for a building.  He is ruining lives.  His anger of his father allowing Spectra to burn to ashes is compounded by the disgust he feels over the lie Bill told about Caroline’s health to get Thomas to leave Spectra to be by his son and Caroline’s side.

    Will Liam expose his father?  It would surely be the end of their relationship if he did.  But Liam has also developed a fondness for Sally in working with her to write an article about the up and coming designer.

    Liam does have a penchant for playing hero – a personality trait that has caused issues between him and Steffy in the past….

    But what Bill wants to know is will the boy scout expose him?  Liam is left to struggle with the choice.

    Quinn and Sheila – Round 2

    Meanwhile over at the Forrester mansion, Quinn and Sheila face off again.  When Sheila throws something at Quinn as she leaves Sheila’s bedroom in the Forrester mansion, all hell breaks lose.  Pillows are torn, and Sheila gets the upper hand, pinning Quinn to the floor, placing her hands around Quinn’s neck ready to choke her.

    Quinn goads Sheila.  Choke her, she encourages.  Will Sheila realize that killing Quinn means neither she nor Quinn will be Mrs Eric Forrester?  Or does the ruckus bring the object of their affection, Eric, to break up the fight?

    The latter seems likely.  Eric, alone with his wife listens as Quinn tells him that Sheila wants her dead.  Quinn in turn wants Sheila out of her house.  Eric takes a slightly different stance however.  He tells his wife that she has to realize that pushing Sheila out too soon will come back to bite them.

    Meanwhile, Sheila is working to keep James from exposing her.  She is more determined than ever to bring Quinn down.


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    Don Most, known best as Ralph Malph on Happy Days appears again as the electrician who advised Sally to turn off the power and get the wiring repaired.

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