Another Sheila and Quinn Catfight, Brooke Walks Out On Bill, Finds Comfort in Ridge’s Arms

Another Sheila and Quinn Catfight

At her hotel, Sheila is certain that Quinn will hurt Eric again.  She will be there when Quinn does. She calls Charlie. With her brain and his brawn, they will expose Quinn for the cheater she is.  They will take her down and eliminate her for good.

Caught in the middle, Charlie goes to Quinn and tells her that Sheila is still in town.  Quinn demands her address.

Sheila is remembering Eric’s wedding proposal, when Quinn arrives and bangs on her door.

With Quinn at her door, Sheila hides her portrait before letting her in.  Quinn tells her to leave town.  She has no business here.  Sheila says she can’t tell her where to live. Quinn picks up the phone, Sheila pulls it from her hand, Quinn shoves Sheila.  They end up in a food fight.  Sheila gets the better of her but lets Quinn go.  Sheila will get rid of her but not this way.  Quinn yells at Sheila that her marriage will survive her.  She tried her best and failed.  She will never have Eric.  Quinn storms out.

Sheila giggles that Quinn thinks she’s seen her best.  But she will, Sheila promises.

Steffy Tries to Talk Liam Out of Blackmailing Bill

Liam tells his wife he won’t be accepting Bill’s olive branch. Bill will need to live with his regrets.

Liam tells Steffy that his mother shielded him from Bill all those years.  It was the right thing to do.  Just like him taking the company from Bill is the right thing to do.

Liam is done being Mr. Nice Guy.  But Steffy tells him that is who she married. She doesn’t want him to go away.  Liam asks Steffy not to plead his father’s case to him.

Quinn Encourages Quinn to Go Home

At Forrester Ridge encourages Quinn to go home to Eric.  She feels bad that she got forgiveness and he didn’t.  Quinn thinks Brooke will come to him. But Ridge reminds him she’s married to Bill.  Quinn says Bill will be Bill and end up pushing Brooke away. Don’t give up, Quinn says, Brooke will find her way back to him.

Ridge recalls coming back to Los Angeles from Paris to reunite with Brooke.

Brooke Walks Out On Bill

Bill tries to stop Brooke leaving.  He tells her he regrets all of it. Tell me I still have you, Bill begs of Brooke.  Brooke wonders what she’s done.  She didn’t want this life, the way he lives his life, the way her treats other people.  She can’t continue to live this way.  She had a life planned.  She loved the fantasy of him Brooke says. If he can hit his own son, how does she know she won’t him her next?  Maybe she should stop them, Brooke says.  She is justified in her anger and there will be consequences.

20170917 Brooke Enough is Enough

Bill promises to right every one of the wrongs.  She’s supposed to stand by each other for better or worse.  Brooke needs time to think about them.  About who he is, and more importantly who is she if she stands by him and supports his despicable behavior.  When does she stand up and say enough is enough?  Brooke runs out.  Bill begs her not to go, but she does.

Brooke returns to Forrester Creations.  She can’t get what Bill confessed out of her mind.  She cries.  Ridge enters.  He tells her whatever it is, he’s here.  Brooke cries in his arms.


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