Bill Subtly Hits on Steffy, Wyatt Warns Liam Bill Will Get Revenge, Liam Doesn’t Think Bill Can

Bill Continues To Get Closer to Steffy

As long as I’m around, Steffy reiterates, Bill has a friend.  Bill says he appreciated what she did today.  Steffy claims she needed the ride also.  They complement how good they looked on their bikes.  Bill calls her a motorcycle momma.

Bill gets them a beer.  Steffy says that Liam will back off.  Bill asks how she can be so confident.  Steffy wonders if there is any other way to be.

He calls her motor cycle momma again and Steffy suggests that’s not the best name for her.  Bill realizes how insensitive it is and apologizes.  Steffy admits she and Liam are trying to get pregnant.

Bill says he was looking forward to doing the grandparent thing with Brooke.  Steffy tells Bill that some woman will come along to make him forget Brooke Logan ever existed.

Bill compliments Steffy again saying how lucky he is to have her as a friend and in his family, she takes his hand.

They banter about their next motorcycle ride.  She tells Bill she’s not going to give up on convincing Liam.  Steffy thinks Brooke is the woman for him, but if not, someone worthy will cross his path.  Bill takes Steffy’s and in his and thanks Steffy.  He strokes her hair again, He tells her today is exactly what he needed.

Bill Hits on Steffy

Wyatt Warns Liam Bill Will Get Revenge

Liam is tired of pretending what Bill does is normal.  He asks Wyatt to be his right-hand man and run the company with him.  They can do good things here. Wyatt asks if he’s serious.  Liam says they’d make a good team.  His strength make up for his weaknesses and vice versa.  This isn’t about Dad, its about running Spencer how it should be run.  It’s a new era, with them at the top.

Wyatt tells Liam not to kid himself.  Dad my be grooming them to take over one day, but neither of them are ready.  Liam disagrees.  They will figure it out.  IF the company fails there are serious consequences.

They argue again about some of the things Liam has done, mostly giving Sally the Spectra Building. Wyatt tells Liam he can’t run the company with Liam. Wyatt says his money is on their father.  He doesn’t want a hand in Liam’s gamble.  Bill always gets revenge and Wyatt warns his brother that payback is going to be a bitch.

Liam says this is Wyatt’s chance to do the right thing.  Wyat says he doesn’t believe blackmail is the right thing to do.  At least Bill regrets what he does.  But he doesn’t see any regret in Liam.  Liam doesn’t regret what he did.  Wyatt warns Liam that Bill will get back at him. You can count on it, Wyatt says.  Wyatt has never seen Bill so angry before, and he gets the feeling Bill is going to hurt Liam in ways he can’t even imagine.

Wyatt tells Liam he’s worried about him. Wyatt tells him to listen to him and Steffy.  What he is doing is wrong.  Backdown.  Find a way to make things right with Dad. He doesn’t want to make Bill his enemy.

Liam tells Wyatt that there is nothing left that Bill can do to him.  He’s not backing down.

20170929 - Liam and Wyatt Run the company with me

Ridge Wants Brooke to Come Home

At Brookes house Ridge asks Brooke what Spencer did to send her home and end her marriage. Maybe it would help to talk ridge suggests. Ridge tells Brooke he will support any decision Brooke makes that brings her home.

Ridge asks if she knows if there is anyone in the area with a room to rent, he’s tidy and clean.  Brooke tells him it’s too soon for that. Brooke tells Ridge she’s going to start working part time.  Ridge thinks she needs to throw herself into work though.  She’s a Forrester.

Throwing himself in work helped him whenever he lost her.  Brooke wonders if there is room for her at Forrester.  Ridge reminds her Forrester is what it is because of Eric, Stephanie, him and her.  Where would them be without Belief, the men’s line, and Brooke Bedroom.

Ridge is grateful that Bill showed his trued colors before Brooke got tied up in his selfish web. Ridge tells Brooke their lives are the same.  And she should never forget she is Forester Creations.

Brooke agrees to coming back to Forrester Brooke wishes for something to sink her teeth into.  Ridge suggests lingerie. He thinks Steffy would be happy if she took over again.  The Logan he remembers likes the limelight a little.  Ridge wants her to find her space again.  And Ridge would like to see her walk around in lingerie everyday.  He just wants her around.  And not only in the office.  Brooke tells him she needs some time.  He understands but feels they have wasted enough time already.  He was foolish and he learned his lesson. He wants her to come home.

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