Brooke Disgusted By Bill, Steffy Tells Liam He’s Changed, Wyatt and Katie Wonder What Is Going On

Bill Admits He Set Fire To Spectra and Hit Liam

Bill tells Brooke that Liam forced him out of Spencer Publications.  Obviously Liam has something on him Brooke notes.  Brooke demands to know what he did.  It must be serious.  Brooke is now angry. How did Liam blackmail him into making him CEO of Bill’s company, Brooke demands.

Bill says he just wanted to build Spencer Tower.  Whatever he had to do. Brooke notes it will be built because of the fire.  She feels bad for the Spectra’s. If they’d had one more day they could have succeeded, but accidents happen.  Bill yells it wasn’t an accident. Then what was it Brooke asks Bill.

Brooke Learns Bill Set Fire to Spectra

Brooke says the fire was horrible.  Sally lost everything,  Does Bill think it was deliberately set?  Bill says yes.  Who could hate them so much Brooke wonders.  Bill says is wasn’t about hate, he just couldn’t wait any longer.  So her ordered Justin to set fire to the building.  And Liam knows.  Bill goes on a rant about it, but Brooke is aghast that he committed arson the day before their show.  He could have killed all those people.

She used to admire how he ran his business. But this criminal behavior?  How could he?  Brooke yells at her husband.  Bill says he shouldn’t have done it.  Brooke tells him it never should have crossed his mind.

What he does directly affects her, Brooke says.  Bill regrets a lot of things he’s done lately.  He hit Liam. Brooke can’t believe he hit his son. Who are you?  Brooke wants to know. He commits arson, hits his son and lied to him about taking a leave of absence.

Brooke is sure his next plan of attack will be as disgusting and vial. Brooke leaves. She doesn’t want to be in the house with him. He tries to stop her. He made a horrible mistake in all of it.  He swears he has learned his lesson.  He begs her not to go.  He might lose his son, he can’t lose her.

Liam Won’t Forgive Bill

Steffy tells Liam is willing to meet him in the middle, but Liam isn’t interested.  Steffy tells him not to shut the door on his father.  Liam doesn’t want to hear his wife defend the what can’t be defended.  He loves her but there is no forgiving Bill.  Liam tells Steffy Bill is using her.  There is no place at Spencer anymore for his Dad’s ways.

Steffy Worries Liam has changed

Steffy tells Liam he’s changing.  Steffy believes Bill.  She thinks he’s sorry.  Liam tells her that while he was standing over him after punching him, the looks in his eye was not regret.  He promised to decimate him. Liam won’t forgive him.

Wyatt and Katie Wonder What Happened Between Bill and Liam

Wyatt is with Katie and tells her that Bill stepped down from Spencer publications.  He made Liam CEO Wyatt tells her.  Wyatt thinks Liam is unfit to run Spencer. Katie wonders if this is what Steffy was warning her about.  It certainly has come out of nowhere.  Katie notes the Bill she knows never wanted to go on vacation.

Wyatt and Katie wonder about Bill Stepping Down

Wyatt notes that the more he got to know Bill the more he knew he wa a Spencer.  They connected in a different way than Bill does with Liam.  He thought he was next in line.  Wyatt thinks there is more going on here.  Katie agrees and they will figure it out together.

They make love.  He is glad he can come her to escape the crazy of the day. He’s glad he has her.


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