Brooke Tells Bill Goodbye; Ridge Tells Brooke He Loves Her; Ridge and Eric Repair Their Relationship; Katie and Wyatt Enjoy Theirs

Brooke and Bill Make a Break

20170924 Bill Pleasds With Brooke

Bill knows she’s angry and disappointed but she can’t be ready to give up o n their marriage.  Brooke wonders if the man she married would do the things he’d done.  Take more time, but don’t take off your ring.  When he put that ring on her finger it was forever.

Brooke tells Bill he just takes what he wants and hurts whoever gets in his way. He ordered the spectra building torched in the same way he ordered Ridge thrown out of a helicopter.  Brooke tells him he could have killed people.  He could have gone to jail, and he still could.  She loves him but the part of him that has to win at any cost, terrifies Brooke.

He didn’t think about Sally and her employees.  All he thought about what his skyscraper.  Brooke doesn’t want this kind of behavior in her life, in her son’s life.  And his son, a man with morals turned to blackmail.  Brooke takes off her rings and tells Bill to take them.  Bill won’t take them, he’s sorry he let her down  He loves her,  It won’t happen again.

Brooke simply tells him goodbye.  Their memories will always be preciously to her and she hands him her rings.  Bill leaves, Brooke cries and remembers her and Bill’s happier moments.

RJ comes home.  Ridge is with him.  RJ asks if she is alright.  Ridge knows this is hard and he’s sorry but whatever comes next, RJ and Ridge are there for her.  Ridge tells her he loves her, will always love her and they hug.  Brooke cries.

Eric and Ridge Make Peace

Ridge reflects on returning Ridge returning from Paris for her and proposing with Stephanie’s ring.  Eric enters he wants to talk. He told him he wasn’t his son anymore because he wanted to hurt rIDGE in the same way Ridge’s betrayal had hurt him.  But it was untrue.  Nothing Eric could say can ever change that he is his son.

Ridge says that everything Eric said about him was true.  Eric says it wasn’t and he’s sorry.  Ridge just wants him to be happy with Quinn.  Eric can’t be truly happy til his family is whole again.  Until they are alright.  Ridge agrees.  They are alright.

They discuss Brooke leaving Bill.  Ridge is excited about the possibilities.  RJ arrives. They all discuss whatever Bill did has the potential to bring Brooke back to the Forester family.

Katie and Wyatt Make Love

Bold and the Beautiful Katie and Wyatt

Wyatt tells Katie about Liam  buying the Spectra b building from CJ and giving it to sally as a gift.  Are you kissing me Katie states.  Wyatt doesn’t understand why Bill isn’t doing anything about it.  Katie suggests its because Bill is distracted.  Brooke and Bill have separated.

They believe all these strange things need to be connected. Something is going on Katie says.  Brooke is devastated.  None of what is going on makes sense.  They wonder what Brooke leaving Bill means she will go back to Ridge.

Katie knows Bill really well, and she knows what he’s capable of.  Katie is afraid that Bill will hurt her. They discuss the pull that keeps bringing Ridge and Brooke back together.  IF Brooke and Bill are separated its only a matter of time before Brooke finds her way back to Ridge and their son.

Wyatt likes how their relationship is easy.  Katie says that’s because other people don’t know about them. They discuss Katie’s need to control things, and spontaneity.


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