Liam Tells Brooke To Leave Bill, Ridge Hopes For The Same, Is Bill Hitting on Steffy?

Ridge Will Always Be There For Brooke

What happened Ridge wants to know. Did Spencer hurt you.  No Brooke says, not like that, but he did something horrible.  Ridge isn’t surprised.  Brooke doesn’t want to hear anything negative from him about Bill.  But Brooke does need some space. Maybe its for the best, Ridge suggests.  Ridge hates seeing her like this.  He wants her to be happy.  They hug.  RJ walks in and sees them hugging.  Unseen he closes the door.  Ridge tells Brooke he’s there for her. He’s always going to be there for her.

Later, RJ comes to see Ridge who is alone. He admits he saw him and Brooke earlier.  He wants to know of his mom is okay.  Ridge admits she’s upset with Bill, but he doesn’t know what happened.  RJ is excited.  This means he and his mom can get back together.  RJ is sending good vibes.  Send them to Brooke Ridge suggests.  She needs to find a way to bread free of Spencer.

20170919 Brooke and Ridge

Steffy Reassures Bill

Steffy visits Bill at home. She tried to get through to Liam but he was too upset. Bill agrees he screwed up. Steffy tells him Liam isn’t stepping down as CEO. Steffy asks Bill if he’s okay. What’s wrong.  If he wants her to help, she needs to know what is going on.  Bill admits Brooke left him.  He didn’t expect that.  But Steffy isn’t surprised.  A lot of people could have been hurt.  And what he did to Liam?

Bill swore he would never treat his son the way his father treated him, but he just went after what he wanted.  He doesn’t know how to live his life any other way.  Steffy tells him to make things right with Liam and Brooke.  He wanted it so bad, but it wasn’t worth it, Bill says.  He would give ten skyscrapers to have Brooke back.  Steffy says she’ll be back.

He’s been consumed by his own needs. But it may cost him what he values most – his family.  His wife and son.  Steffy promises to help Bill get through this.  He’s the most human that Steffy has ever seen Bill.  Steffy is sure Brooke will come home.  Bill says Steffy is an exceptional woman.  After all Liam has put her through, Bill isn’t sure Liam deserves her, he says stroking Steffy’s hair.

20170919 Steffy and Bill

Wyatt Warns Liam

Wyatt comes to Liam’s office as demanded. Liam wants to know where Wyatt has been.  He hasn’t been there all week.  Wyatt says the only think he would change is this current exchange.  By the way how did he get Dad to agree to him being CEO Wyatt wants to know.  All Liam will say is that Bill is taking some time off.  Wyatt thinks that doesn’t make sense.  Liam tell him to get over it.

Liam intends to do some good for the company and the world.  First of all by raising salaries and benefits. He’s also allocating more funds to Spencer Foundation. Liam also tells him the skyscraper project isn’t happening.  The Spectra land is no longer available. Wyatt thinks Liam is getting ahead of himself.  Bill won’t allow this to happen.  Bill believes in payback.

20170919 Wyatt Questions Liam

Brooke Warms Liam That Bill Takes Revenge Seriously

Brooke turns up at Spencer and tells Liam she knows everything.  She doesn’t blame him for what he did.  He has the moral compass to turn this around.  Liam thinks Bill sent Brooke, but she admits she walked out on Bill.  Liam gets it.  He understands why she had to walk away.  Brooke is still stunned.

He’s a criminal Liam states. The scariest thing is that Bill doesn’t see how ruthless and reckless has been.  He’s not letting Bill near Spencer or him until Bill gets it.  Liam respects Brooke for standing her ground.  Liam advises Brooke to leave him. Brooke notes that Bill takes revenge very seriously.  Bill will come after Liam Brooke says.  It won’t be pretty.  Let him come, Liam says.


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