Liam Won’t Back Down, Bill Starts A Plan For Revenge, Brooke Tells Katie Bill Torched Spectra

Bill Gives Liam One Last Chance

20170926 Bill Get Assout of my chair

An employee stops by to thank Liam for the benefit plans. What they were spending on co-pays and deductibles is now being re-routed into college funds.  Bill is outside and overhears.  He gets a cool greeting from the employee as she leaves.

Liam asks what he can do for his father

Get your ass out of my chair, Bill tells him.  This ends today son, I’ve had enough.  Liam tells him he can’t bully him out of this chair. Bill tells him to resign as CEO effective immediately.

Liam wishes he had another father who didn’t destroy peoples lives.  But hey, he does and here they are.  Bill wonders how long Liam things that Bill will take this abuse. Liam laughs.  He’s been abused?

Bill will not sit at home and watch Liam run his company into the ground. Liam says unless he is good with prison, he doesn’t have a choice.  Bill wonders if Liam would really turn in his own father.  How dare you, Bill says to his son.

Liam respected him and looked up to him.  Did he always agree no, but Bill crossed the line. Bill calls him judge jury and executioner.  Liam tells him about he changes he’s make.  Bill asks why he doesn’t just light the money on fire.  Liam just says he’s not an arsonist.

Bill says he’s not against everything he’s implemented.  They can meet in the middle, but he can’t blackmail him out of his company.  Liam just calls it karma.  He risked people’s lives for a building. Liam tells him he gifted the building to Sally.  Bill says Sally paying him back is impossible and shows how much he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Liam says it wasn’t an investment, it was restitution.  Bill says he’s taking control now.  Liam coolly tells him he doesn’t decide that, he does. Bill hands him the phone and tells Liam to call the police.  He dares Liam to.

Bill Changes Tactics and Works Steffy

Steffy enters to find Bill and Liam shouting at him.  Liam tells Steffy not to get in the middle when she realizes what is going on.  Liam leaves. Bill slams the door when Liam tells him next time he’ll have security throw him out.

Steffy tells him she knows everything.  Bill wonders if losing everything is what he deserves.  Steffy says what he did was wrong, but she knows he regrets it. A suddenly emotional Bill doesn’t know what to do.  He’s at a complete loss.  Steffy comforts Bill.  She hugs him and tells him he’s not alone.  But it looks like Bill is working her…

Katie is Horrified to Learn What Bill Did

20170926 Brooke and Katie

At her house, Brooke explains to Rick that her marriage is over. Rick is glad she’s home. Katie arrives to check up on Brooke.  She sees Brooke has removed her rings and hugs her sister.  Katie wants to know what Bill did.  Brooke simply says that Bill let her down in ways she never imagined. Rick says Spencer was never worthy of her.  Maya is glad to have her back at home.  Rick and Maya leave.

Katie can see Brooke’s pain. Brooke says she knows Katie must have her own feelings about this.  Kati e just wanted her to be happy.  What did he do?  Katie asks Katie has a stake in this, Bill is the father of her child. Brooke agrees she has a right to know what he did.

Brooke says the Spectra fire was just such a senseless tragedy.  Oh my God, Katie says as she realizes that Bill had something to do with the fire.  She is as shocked as Brooke was when she found out.

Katie is as outraged and upset as Brooke.  Someone could have ben hurt.  Brooke says the lengths Bill will go to terrifies her. Katie says this is unthinkable. Katie says that Bill has a way of making you believe in him even when you know you shouldn’t.  The sisters hug.

Ridge Will Stand By Brooke

Ridge and Steffy thank Ivy for her hard work.  They discuss Eric forgiving Quinn, Eric forgiving ridge and Brooke leaving Bill.  Ivy leaves and Steffy asks if Ridge knows something she doesn’t, Steffy thought the separation was temporary.  Nope says Ridge. Brooke took off her rings and is back at her house. Steffy feels sorry for Bill.  But Ridge just wants to know what Bill did to make her leave so soon.  Ridge says what Brooke needs now is a friend not someone pursuing her but in the future it might be nice to have his family back together.


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