Sally to Rebuild Spectra, Liam Won’t Negotiate with Bill, Bill Admits He Was Pushed Out of Spencer Publications

Sally to Rebuild Spectra

After the worst day of her life, Liam has restored Sally’s faith in humanity.  Though he says it’s not necessary, Sally vows to repay Spencer whatever they paid CJ.  Liam tells her she has collateral for a loan now. A real loan not from a loan shark.  Liam knows she can do it.  He and Jared saw her designs.  They were great.  She’s overcome so much already.  She just has to worry about rebuilding her business.

Sally thought Spectra was over. Thanks to him it has all turned around.  Liam thinks she has worked too hard to end up with nothing.  Liam reiterates this is their secret.  They hug.

Bill Admits To Brooke He Was Pushed Out of Spencer Publications

Bill tells Steffy that Caroline told Thomas she’s been cured.  Steffy admits that Thomas told her he is staying in NY.  Bill says if there’s anything he can do to save his relationship with Liam he will do it.  Steffy asks if he will reach out.  Bill wonder if Liam will listen.  And warns her she is putting herself in the middle between her husband and his father.

Later Brooke enters the bedroom to find Brooke getting ready for their trip. He tells her they aren’t leaving right now. This is not the time.  Brooke is confused.  She thought travel was the point of his leave of absence.  She asks again what is wrong. Bill just says he’s taking care of it and doesn’t want Brooke to worry about it.  But Brooke knows him.  He doesn’t want to go on vacation let alone take a leave of absence.  She asks again what is going on.  She’s not going to give up on this Brooke says.  Bill admits something happened at the office.  He was forced to take a leave of absence by Liam.  He took the company from him. He blackmailed him, Bill states, calling Liam a hypocrite.  Brooke wants to know what happened.

Back at the Spectra building Sally has called her team back.  The bulldozers aren’t coming.  The owner of the building does not want them there.  This property is 100% hers, Sally tells the shocked group.  They want to know how, but Sally refocuses them on getting Spectra back up and running.  She will get the money, she just needs to know they are onboard.  This building is where Spectra was born.  Its their history and their future.  Shirley says her sister would never forgive her if she wasn’t in, so she is.

Liam Won’t Negotiate with Bill

Steffy goes to Spencer and tells Liam she saw Bill.  She tells him that Bill regrets everything, especially punching him.v Steffy is worried about Liam and his father.  But Liam for once isn’t. He’s not walking a tightrope between what’s ethical and legal anymore.  And it’s a relief.  He’s righting his fathers wrongs and it feels good.  Steffy has faith in him and he will make a great CEO, but not this way.  Liam says you get in Bill Spencer’s way and he will take you down.  His face is proof of that. (where Bill hit him). But Liam isn’t believing any of Bill’s promises and he’s not compromising with him.


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