September 15: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – You Set Fire to Spectra?

Friday, September 15, 2017 – Episode #7673


Bill Admits To Brooke He Set Fire to Spectra Fashions

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers

Brooke knew something was up the minute Bill told her that he’d stepped down from Spencer Publication taking a leave of absence, leaving Liam in charge as CEO.  She told him that him wanting to travel with her sounded very nice, but vacations just weren’t him.  She pushed, telling him that he could tell her anything.

But Brooke gets more than she bargained for.  Bill admits to committing arson to get hold of the land beneath Spectra Fashions to build his Spencer Tower.  Brooke is aghast and has trouble comprehending the magnitude of what he has done.  She is stunned when she confirms what she understands to be true.  Bill set fire to Spectra Fashions.

Katie and Wyatt Wonder What Made Bill Step Down

Neither Katie or Wyatt can understand Bill leaving the company and anointing Liam.  And Bill wouldn’t give Wyatt a straight answer when confronted him about it.  Wyatt notes that Liam is acting weird also.  They wonder what went down between Bill and Liam.

Liam Won’t Negotiate with Bill

Steffy has put herself in the middle of the rift between Bill and Liam.  She is trying to broker peace between the father and son.  She tells her husband that Bill is willing to meet him in the middle, but Liam tells Steffy he isn’t interested.  It feels good not to have to cover for his father’s shortcomings anymore.  Liam’s agenda is to right Bill’s wrongs.

Spoilers Thursday September 7, 2017

September 15 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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