September 18: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Will Bill Lose Brooke?

Monday, September 18, 2017 – Episode #7674


Will Bill Lose Brooke?

B&B SPoilers

Feeling pressured to come clean with his wife, Bill finally admitted that he was forced out of Spencer Publications by his son, Liam.  He didn’t want to take a leave of absence, Liam blackmailed him into it.

Brooke demanded to know what Bill had done that would push Liam to those lengths?  When Bill told her that he ordered the fire that ended Sally Spectra’s future in the design business, Brooke was horrified.  How could he?  She wanted to know.  And Bill’s attempts at justifying his need to build his tower just left Brooke wondering who it was she married.  She told Bill she couldn’t look at him right now let alone be in the same house as him.  She turned to leave, but Bill stopped her.  He would likely lose his son over this, he couldn’t lose her.  He begged Brooke to stay.

Will she?  Or Will Bill lose Brooke over his recent misdeeds?  Sure as heck, Ridge will take advantage of the situation once he gets wind of there being trouble between Bill and Brooke.

Sheila Continues to Plot Quinn’s Downfall

Meanwhile, Sheila hasn’t given up on her quest to bring Quinn down. He tells an uncomfortable looking Charlie that with her brains and his brawn, they will expose Quinn for the cheater she is.

Spoilers Monday September 18, 2017

September 18 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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