September 20: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Why Is Steffy Doing Bill’s Bidding?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 – Episode #7676


Steffy Brokering Peace For Bill

Bold and the beautiful Spoilers

Steffy has put herself squarely in the middle of the fight between her husband Liam and his father Bill. Liam isn’t budging however making Steffy wonder about the change in her husband.  Liam doesn’t like what he’d doing to his father but he also knows there is no negotiating with Bill.  If Liam lets Bill in – even a crack – Bill will take over.

Steffy wants to broker peace between the two, but in the process there seems to be something a little odd going on between her and Bill.  Bill called Steffy and exceptional woman that his son didn’t deserve yesterday.  If the words weren’t suggesting enough, he stroked Steffy’s hair while saying it.

Bill and Steffy have had a flirtation in the past.  Are they about to revisit that attraction?

Not immediately, because Steffy tells Brooke that Bill loves her.  She asks Brooke not to leave Bill.

Sally Has a New Business Partner

Sally announces that she has a new business partner.  Is this how she deflects questions about how she suddenly owns the Spectra Fashions Building?  Does Sally think of Liam as her new business partner?

Spoilers Monday September 20, 2017

September 20 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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