September 21: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Why Does Liam “Need” to Save Sally Spectra?

Thursday, September 21, 2017 – Episode #7677


Steffy Doesn’t Get Liam’s Need to Save Sally Spectra

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Yesterday, Steffy admitted to Brooke that she supports her husband, but like Bill, she thinks what Liam did pushing his father out of his own company amounts to blackmail.  Brooke was more supportive of Liam.  When Steffy returned to Spencer Publication she found Sally Spectra in Liam’s arms.

Sally was giving Liam a hug to thank him for restoring her faith in humanity.  He took the worst day of her life – losing Spectra, and Thomas – and by giving her the Spectra Building gave her a future.

Steffy’s arrival will see Sally leaving.  But her parting comment is that she never thought anyting good would happen to her in that office (which until recently was Bill Spencer’s).  Steffy will surely want to know what was going on.  And clearly, she won’t like Liam’s explanation, because she wonders why her husband has this need to save Sally Spectra.

Liam playing hero for other women has caused issues in Liam and Steffy’s relationship in the past – most recently with Ivy.  The current situation is bringing those issues back to the surface…

Ridge Messes with Bill

Bill knows there is something going on with Brooke and Bill.  He found her in tears in the Forrester office and Brooke admitted she’d walked out on Bill.  Since Brooke isn’t answering his calls he goes looking for her.  He turns up at Forrester Creations were Ridge is enjoying watching Bill squirm.  Brooke isn’t here, he tells Bill.  And if she were, ridge assures Bill, she wouldn’t want to talk to him.

As RJ noted when he saw him mom in his dads arms, this is Ridge’s chance to put their family back together again.  You can bet that Ridge will take it.

Spoilers Thursday September 21, 2017

September 21 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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