September 22: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – You bought a $50 Million Gift For Another Woman!

Friday, September 22, 2017 – Episode #7678


Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Steffy Threatens Sally Spectra

Steffy has placed herself in the middle of the war brewing between Bill and Liam in the name of saving their relationship.  But more and more, Steffy is feeling alienated from her husband.

Not only did she admit to Brooke and, yesterday, Liam, that she agreed with Bill, what Liam had done ousting Bill from Spencer Publications and taking over the top job amounted to blackmail, the very characteristic Liam despised in his father.

Steffy has also noticed a shift in Liam.  He is harder.  And totally unwilling to negotiate with Bill.  Of course, it was Bill who drew the hypocrisy of Liam’s actions to Steffy’s attention, right before he called her an exceptional woman and stroking her hair.

Liam’s admitting yesterday to Steffy that he not only bought the Spectra Fashions building for top dollar, but gifted it to Sally Spectra was another move Steffy didn’t understand.  And she and Liam found each other with different viewpoints once again.  Steffy wondered why Liam felt the need to save Sally Spectra.  Liam told his wife he was simply righting his father’s criminal acts, to which Steffy responded that Sally was a criminal act and reminded him that Sally stole designs from her family’s company and passed them off as her own.

Liam reminded his wife that she had the opportunity to put Sally in jail for that misdeed but chose not to. Steffy and Liam’s relationship has suffered in the past when she has felt he was playing hero to other women (namely Ivy).  Since she can’t make Liam see reason, Steffy went to Sally and basically told her to stop stealing and mooching off her family – including her husband.

Steffy tells Sally that she will be watching her and if she puts a foot out of line, Steffy promises this time Sally will pay.  If Sally continues to take advantage of Liam’s kind and generous heart, Steffy tells her nemesis, watch out.

Wyatt Warns His Brother About His Actions

Meanwhile, Liam hasn’t covered his tracks with the purchase and gifting of the Spectra building as well as he believes.  Wondering what on earth Liam spent $50 million dollars on after Bill’s departure, Wyatt and Justin did some digging and came up with the truth.  Liam bought a smoking pile of rubble for top dollar and gifted it to Sally Spectra.  Wyatt confronted a surprised Liam about the move.

Wyatt, with Bill’s mindset on making money, is outraged that Liam basically threw away $50 million.  But he also warns his brother that the move may cost him his wife.  Wyatt explains to Liam that what he has done is essentially bought a $50 million gift for another woman; one who has tormented his wife from the moment she got to LA.

Of course, that is precisely how Steffy feels about things. And with her husband seemingly unconcerned about her feelings is left to take matters into her own hands.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Friday September 22, 2017


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