September 25: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Will Brooke Go back To Ridge?

Monday, September 25, 2017 – Episode #7679

B&B Spoilers

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Will Brooke Take Off Her Wedding Ring?

Since Brooke was ignoring his calls and text messages, Bill went looking for her; first at Forrester Creations, and then at home.  He pleaded his case and spoke of regret.  But was Brooke listening?  Bill started to get worried when Brooke made a move to take off her wedding ring.

He begged her not to take off the ring.  Will she?  Even if she does, Bill tells her he’s not going anywhere.

Ridge and Eric

One relationship that looks like will start to heal is Ridge and Eric’s.  The father and son have been estranged since it was exposed that Ridge and Quinn had a dalliance.  Eric is just a little tender when it comes to Ridge stealing his wives since that pretty much ended Eric and Brooke’s marriage.

But it looks like their father son bond is too strong.  Eric tell Ridge that he is every bit his son.  Nothing he can say, will ever change that.

Secret Romance

Katie and Wyatt’s secret romance appears to be the only relationship that is currently flourishing on The Bold and the Beautiful.  But is that because it is a secret?  Likely.  Wyatt and Katie discuss Brooke leaving Bill.  Katie believes that the chances are good that Brooke will go back to Ridge.

Katie and Wyatt have to be concerned about Bill’s situation.  He seems to be losing everyone in his life.  Liam has blackmailed his father out of his company, Brooke seems set to leave Bill for his heinous criminal acts, and what Bill doesn’t know yet is that his other son, Wyatt, is bedding, Bill’s ex-wife Katie.

And when Bill feels betrayed he comes out punching….who will be first on his hitlist?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Monday September 25, 2017

September 25 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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