September 25: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Tells Liam to Get His Ass Out Of Bill’s Chair

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 – Episode #7680

Bill Tries to Oust Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Bill has been distracted.  Since Liam staged a mutiny and took over Spencer Publications, Bill has been more of less distracted.  For once Bill did the right thing, and he came clean with Brooke, eventually, about the reasons behind his leave of absence from Spencer Publications.  Unfortunately, doing the right thing doesn’t always guarantee forgiveness.  And Brooke found she couldn’t stomach the way Bill treats others and runs his life. And returning his wedding rings to him, Brooke bade Bill goodbye.

With Brooke lost to him (for now?) Bill’s mind turns to righting the Spencer ship.  And that means getting back to the helm.  He turns up at Spencer Publications and tells his son that this ends today.  He tells Liam to get his ass out of his chair.

Or else?  This is Dollar Bill Spencer, you can bet there is an or else, coming.  Either spoken or implied.  And when Bill goes looking for revenge, he is ruthless – just look at what he did to Sally Spectra, someone who took nothing from him, but did stand between Bill and what he wants.  Now Liam is standing between Bill and his company.  And Bill now has little to lose in seeking revenge against his son if he doesn’t comply.

Thanks to Liam overthrowing Bill, and Bill feeling he had to be truthful with his wife about why, Bill has lost the love of his life.  Will Bill repay Liam by doing the same to him?  Was that gently stroke of Steffy’s hair last week the hatching of a plan to steal Steffy away from her husband – all in the name of teaching his son a lesson?

Everyone Wondering Why Brooke Left Bill

Meanwhile, everyone is wondering what on earth happened to make Bill take a leave of absence from Spencer Publications.  Even stranger is Bill’s choice to run the company in his absence.  Bill has shown little faith in Liam’s business savvy in the past.  It would seem more likely a choice to let Wyatt run the company in his absence.  Just ask Wyatt!  Then compounding the mystery is Brooke walking out on her marriage.  Ridge, however, is there for Brooke, and wondering what Bill did to make her leave so soon.

Katie too is curious and goes to see her sister. Brooke explains to Katie that Bill disappointed her in ways that she could have never imagined.  Fine thing to say to the sister who’s husband your married.  I can imagine Katie may have been disappointed in unimaginable ways when her husband divorced her to marry her sister.   Katie however may just have the ammunition to repay Bill for that despicable act.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday September 26, 2017

September 26 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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