September 28: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Erase That Damn Recording

Thursday, September 28, 2017 – Episode #7682

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

the bold and the beautiful spoilers

Bill, Wyatt and Steffy Try to Talk Liam Around

Thanks to Katie’s well documented inability to keep a secret, Wyatt knows what Bill did to make Liam blackmail his father into giving him the CEO position.  Since Wyatt is much like Bill, he can’t see past his own interests in this matter and is siding with Bill in trying to oust Liam from the CEO position.  Wyatt believes if anyone should be given the top job at Spencer Publications it is him, and that certainly can’t happen with his brother filling the job.  But Wyatt has more at stake now.  How will Katie feel about Wyatt standing up for Bill in this?  She was pretty horrified.

So, Wyatt tells his brother that their father knows he messed up.  Hasn’t Liam ever made a mistake Wyatt asks his brother.  Of course, Liam will admit to making mistakes, but what Bill did was beyond a mistake – it was criminal.

Steffy too is trying to broker a reconciliation between Liam and his father.  She  tells him that it was nearly the end of the Forrester family when they boycotted Eric and Quinn’s wedding.  She doesn’t want to see that happen to the Spencer family.

Bill wants his son to erase the recording of him confessing to setting fire to the Spectra building so that they can start putting this family back together…

Will Liam? Doubtfull.  This storyline has so much conflict yet to run, it would be a shame to shut it down too early…

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