September 29: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – You’ll Forget All About Brooke Logan

Friday, September 29, 2017 – Episode #7683


the bold and the beautiful spoilers

Steffy Assures Bill There Is Life After Brooke Logan

If you believe Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Bill Spencer’s recent display of vulnerability towards his daughter-in-law, Steffy is all about payback.  With Brooke Logan now out of his life, is Bill turning his mind to revenge?  Is all the regret and contrite behavior just part of his scheme to hit Liam where it hurts most?

By Bill’s logic, Liam has cost him what means the most in the world to him; his company AND his wife.  That Bill will not rest until he is back at the helm of Spencer Publications is a given.  Its just a matter of how that happens.  He’s played along with Steffy trying to negotiate a reconciliation between him and Liam because if it works, he gets what he wants.  His company back.  But the more Liam resists, the angrier Bill gets and the harder he will hit back.

Steffy has told Brooke and Bill that she stands by her husband, but doesn’t agree with his methods, or what he has done to cause such a rift in the Spencer family.  And she has been the one person to stand by Bill, the duo going on a motor bike ride together yesterday to cheer Bill up.

Today, Steffy assures her father in law that a woman will come into his life that will make him forget Brooke Logan ever existed.  What Steffy doesn’t realize is that Bill is already working that angle, but not in the way she thinks.  Will Bill repay Liam by taking what means the most from him?  His wife, Steffy?

It sure looks to be shaping up that way.

Can Wyatt Resist Liam’s Offer?

Meanwhile, Steffy’s husband is hard at work making sure his position as CEO of Spencer Publications is secure.  Like, Bill, Liam is gathering his troops for what is shaping up to be a war between father and son.

Or will that be father and sons?

Yesterday, Wyatt made it clear to Liam that while he didn’t condone what Bill had done, he didn’t think Liam was behaving any better in blackmailing Bill out of the company.

Of course, Wyatt’s support of Bill is framed in a lot of self-interest.  Wyatt and Liam have had a long-established rivalry in Wyatt’s eyes at least.  Wyatt saw Liam as the favored son who got everything. The girls, the Malibu beach house (thought Wyatt did eventually get one of his own) and the Presidency at Spencer Publications.

Spoilers show that today, Liam will take a different approach.  He wants Wyatt on his side.  Working beside him.  Together they can take the company in new direction, making money, but not at the expense of morality and ethics, something Bill lacks.

Be my right-hand man, Liam suggests to Wyatt.  Run the company with me, he continues.  Liam tells Wyatt that this is a new era with him and Wyatt at the top.

Will this appeal to Wyatt’s sense of self interest?  Bill is already not going to appreciate Wyatt sleeping with the mother of his youngest son, so what has Wyatt really got to lose?  Of course, Wyatt has done the double agent thing before…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Friday September 29, 2017

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