September 4: Spoilers The Bold and the Beautiful – Everyone Disgusted By Bill’s Worship of Money

Monday, September 4, 2017 – Episode #7664


Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 4 2017

Bill Faces Everyone’s Wrath

The guilt of listening to Bill convince Thomas that he was doing the right thing by leaving LA and returning to New York with his family who needed him, became too much for Caroline to bear.  While Thomas and Douglas waited for her downstairs, Caroline let loose on Bill.

He was never interested in what was best for her or Douglas, Caroline accuses her uncle.  He was only ever interested in himself and what he wanted.  And what he wants is the monstrosity of a tower that takes center stage in his office and would now be build due to CJ Garrison forgetting to renew the insurance on the Spectra Fashions building.

Caroline ran from Bill’s office and it looks like she heads downstairs to come clean with Thomas. The result?  Thomas, Sally and Liam end up in Bill’s office to confront him about the unconscionable lie he has told; that Caroline was dying.

Thomas is horrified that Bill would try to continue the lie and explains to Liam that his father is trying to convince him that Caroline is dying (even though by now Caroline has likely told him the truth).   Liam who has been conflicted about betraying his father also lets Bill know what he thinks now that the truth is out.  Liam tells Bill that he doesn’t just love money, he worships it above all else.  Bill wears everyone’s anger and disgust.

Sheila Plans to Set Up Quinn and Ridge

Quinn is determined that she would give anything to never see Sheila again.  Including dodging bullets every day of the week.  But Sheila has other plans.  She heads to Forrester Creations to put in place a plan to use Quinn and Ridge’s “relationship” and the feelings Sheila still thinks they have for each other against Quinn.  Sheila is determined to expose Quinn to Eric and she plans to use Charlie to help her do it.

Sheila thinks that Eric has been through so much and that at this stage of his life he deserves better than Quinn.

Spoilers Monday September 4, 2017

September 4 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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