Steffy and Liam Disagree About His Gift To Sally, Steffy Threatens Sally, Wyatt Learns About Liam’s Building Purchase

Ridge Messes with Bill

Bill arrives at Forrester to find that Brooke isn’t there.  And Ridge tells him that even if she was, she wouldn’t want to talk to him. Bill expects Ridge to respect his marriage.  They are going through a rough patch but they will work it out.  Ridge asks how that is working out for him.  He is deadly serious when he tells Ridge to stay away from his wife.  Too late Ridge says, she came to him after he did what he did.  He knows Brooke, she’s done with him.  Bill knows he’s lying.

Ridge asks about him stepping down as CEO.  It’s a leave of absence Bill says. And he found faith in Liam to run the company? Ridge says it seems he has a lot of moving parts in his life but it’s okay, he doesn’t need to worry about Brooke – she has his shoulder to lean on.

20170921 - Ridge tells Bill Brooke Wouldn't talk to him

RJ Encourages Brooke to Reunite With Ridge

RJ admits to Brooke he say dad holding her the other night. RJ asks if there is any chance?  Brooke tells him not to ask questions she can’t answer.  RJ can see that Brooke still loves his dad.

Wyatt and Justin Learn About Liam Buying the Spectra Building

Wyatt discusses a 50 million dollar purchase with Justin.  Judging by the date his father didn’t authorize it.  Liam must have.  They look into it.  It was paid to Clarke Garrison Jnr.  Wyatt says why would they buy the building for top cover. They do some searches and find out that the building belongs to Sally Spectra.  Justin thinks its great aunt Sally, but the last 4 of the social indicates its two different Sally’s that have owned the building.  Further investigation indicates that there is a 40% gift tax on it.  They work out Liam gave he building to Sally.  Justin says Bill is going to freak.

Wyatt goes to see Liam, but Liam tells him to make an appointment. If he has a reason to see him make an appointment.  Wyatt says he ahs $50million of them. Liam says it was nothing illegal or embezzled.  Worse, Wyatt says, it was given away.  He tells his brother he knows Liam bought the Spectra Building and gave it to Sally.

Liam Admits to Steffy He Gave Sally the Spectra Building

Liam admits to Steffy that he bought the Spectra building for $50 million.  Steffy thinks its steep for a smoking pile of bricks but she knows Bill wants it.  She doesn’t get why that means Sally was squeezing him like a tube of toothpaste.  Because he gave the building to her, Liam admits.  Sally doesn’t see the justice in it, or Liam’s need to save Sally Spectra. The Spectra’s belong in jail for what they did to Forrester.  Liam says she could have put her there but chose not to.  Liam explains that  he is saving his father’s hide.  Steffy doubts that’s how Bill feels.  Liam says people know, and the truth will come out.  This gift to Sally will be powerful denial.

20170921 - Steffy wants to know why Liam needs to save Sally

Steffy can’t believe how big a hole Sally can dig for herself someone bails her out. Liam asks why she cares?  How do the decisions in his family business affect her?  Liam doesn’t believe that Steffy thinks they should use a criminal act to put Sally out of business.  Steffy says Sally is a criminal act. Has he forgotten what she did to her family? (Stealing designs).

Liam is just fixing Bill’s illegal acts.

Steffy says him being in this office is an ill-gotten gain.  How does he justify that?  Liam is sorry she sees him that way.  But this is done.

Steffy Threatens Sally

Coco tries to find out more about how Sally ended up owning the building.  But Sally’s not dishing.  She has an angel she simply says.

Steffy arrives at Spectra to see Sally.  Steffy says the building is in worse shape than she imagined. Steffy lets her know that Liam told her about the building.  Sally says she is the luckiest woman on earth with that husband of hers.  Steffy doesn’t know how she could accept such a gift. Steffy tells her any more sponging off her family (Thomas also gave her money) or stealing from her family and she will prosecute.  Sally will answer to her, and this time she will pay.


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