Steffy Cheers Up Bill After Liam Refuses To Delete Taped Confession, Brooke’s Family Welcomes Her Home

Liam Refuses To Delete Bill’s Confession

20170928 Steffy and Liam

Liam thinks he deserves some credit for keeping Bill out of prison.  He also makes a point that by deleting the tape of his confession

Wyatt can’t put chime in, letting Liam know that Wyatt now knows what Bill did.  Liam wants to know if he condones arson,  No but blackmail doesn’t make it better, Wyatt argues.  Dad knows he made a mistake, Wyatt says.  Hasn’t he ever made one? Wyatt asks his brother.

Bill asks him to erase the tape so they can start over as a family.  Liam says no, it will just give him license to do it again.  Bill hangs up on Liam.

Steffy reminds Liam that the Foresters boycotting Eric and Quinn’s wedding was almost the end of their family.

Liam retorts that it wasn’t because her family is led by a benevolent patriarch not a criminal egomaniac. He has an obligation to insulate him her and their future children from whatever damage Bill can do.  He takes that seriously.

Steffy leaves.

Wyatt arrives.  He wonders if their father made a mistake trusting and loving him. Liam says someone could have died.  Does that not register with him.  Wyatt agrees with Liam, but life is not a game show.

Wyatt asks Liam where he thinks his life came from.  He agrees they have plenty of money.  But where did it come from.  It’s all blood money, Liam says.  Liam is going to take Bill’s dirty money and do some good with it.

Wyatt says Liam stinks just as much as the rest of them. Liam says Wyatt doesn’t know the half of it. Liam tells Wyatt that Thomas went back to Caroline because Bill told him that Caroline has a fatal disease.  Wyatt says that Liam turning to blackmail isn’t any more right than what Bill has done.

20170928 Bill and Wyatt

Brooke Welcomed Home – Back to the Forrester Family

Brooke returns home to find her family there instead of at work, where Pam thinks they have all been in a terrible accident.  Ridge, RJ, Rick and Maya have gotten Brooke’s stuff and unpacked her.  It’s their way of saying welcome home. Brooke tells them this is very sweet of them.  Brooke thanks them.

There is lot of joking.  Rick and ridge agree for once, and Ridge says he can now stop working on the tunnel to get her out of Spencer’s house.

Brooke and her family have lunch.  Brooke tells them she loves them all. Rick says the Forrester family is broken without her at the center of it.

With the rest of the family gone Ridge asks Brooke for her moving boxes.  His loft no longer feels like home.  There were only ever two places that felt like home to him, his dads place, and here, at Brookes house.

Steffy Cheers Bill Up

Steffy arrives at Bill’s house.  The housekeeper told her her dad was there.  Bill says yes, he came to pick up Brookes stuff.

Steffy tells Bill she tried with Liam.  Bill notes if she couldn’t’ get through to Liam then no one can.  Bill thanks her for being on his side.  She’s on the side of getting past this. Bill says he owes her for not turning her back on him.

Steffy suggests they take a motorbike ride to cheer him up.  Bill has fun, but it didn’t solve anything. Steffy says that as long as she’s around Bill has a friend.


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