Steffy Comforts Bill, Bill Admits to Wyatt He Has a Calculated Plan To Work Steffy, Sally Crushes on Liam

Bill and Steffy Want Liam to Delete The Tape

Bill tells Steffy he’s not comfortable with anyone seeing him this way.  Steffy tells him its okay to be vulnerable and feel it.  He thanks her for listening to him.  That is why he’s here she tells her.  He’s lost so much so quickly.

Steffy tells Bill he doesn’t have to stop fighting for Brooke. Steffy will do whatever she can to help.  Bill smirks.

Bill goes on a rant about Liam giving a way a building and all the other changes.  Steffy notes that some of Liam’s do- gooder changers were a long time coming.  Steffy promises to talk to Liam. They will heal this divide.  Bill tells her she’s an incredible woman and Liam is lucky to have her.

Bill appreciates her support.  He’s lucky to have her too. Bill is hoping they can overcome this is a family.  As Bill leaves before the boss gets back, Steffy promises to do whatever she can to help.

Liam comes back, and Steffy tryies to get Liam to talk to Bill.  The phone rings its Bill.  Bill understands where he’s coming from but he thinks they could work together on the things he wants to implement.  Can we start acting like a family? Run Spencer like a team?

Steffy says this won’t end while that tape exists.  Bills says they can take the company in a new direction together, but he has to destroy the recording.  Now.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Sally Crushing on Liam,

Liam arrives at Spectra to see Sally’s improvements.  The resurrection of Spectra is happening and its all because of him, Sally tells Liam.  Her office is looking good, but the rest of the building is still a work in progress.  Sally can’t thank him enough, but she never realized how much work was involved.  She needs an architect and real builder not Saul and Darlita hammering nails into a wall.

Liam may be able to help her.  The firm who was supposed to build Spencer Tower are still on retainer.  He’ll introduce her. This will be easy for them, Liam says. Sally thanks him and hugs Liam.

Later, Sally daydreams about Liam and ll the help he has given her.

Katie Can’t Keep The Truth From Wyatt

Katie tells Wyatt that Brooke took her rigns off.  Wyatt wonders if Bill cheated.  Whatever Bill did it must have been bad.  Did Brooke tell her anyting?

Something is up.  Out of nowhere he takes time off when he was determined to put up that skyscraper.  Everyone is weird and it all started around the time of the Spectra fire.  Katie can’t hide her reaction.  Wyatt asks if all this is related to the Spectra fire.  Wyatt wants to know if Bill is responsible for the fire.  Katie advices him to not ask questions he doesn’t really want the answer to.  Katie can’t tell him, its not her place. She can’t talk to him about this.  Wyatt realizes he’s onto something.  Bill caused that fire, that’s why Brooke left him.  Katie cries she can’t say it.  Wyatt hugs her. He understands.

Bill Tells Wyatt He’s Got A Plan To Work “Family” (Steffy?)

Wyatt goes to see Bill.  He’s put all this together.  He burned down Spectra.  Bill yells at Wyatt that if he wants a piece of him, he should take a number.  Bill rants that Liam forced him out of his own company. Wyatt says this explains everything.  Wyatt wants to know why Bill is letting Liam do this.  Bill admits that Liam has his confession on tape.

What’s done is done, he can’t change it.  Unforgivable is a son betraying his father.  He’s given them both everything. If Liam wants to get in the ring with the big dog he’s going to find out that he will hit him so hard he won’t know what happened

Wyatt says he’s a little angry.  He doesn’t want   He won’t.  He’s being calculated. He’s working the family and he will get him out.

Wyatt can’t believe Liam would put his father behind bars.  Wyatt wonders what Steffy thinks about this.  Bill says she is trying to mediate a reconciliation.  Bill promises that Liam will regret what he’s done.  That’s a check Wyatt can cash.


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