Steffy Sides with Bill, Brooke Sides with Liam, Steffy Walks in on Liam and Sally Hugging!

Wyatt Determined To Work Out What is Going On

Wyatt and Katie are making out in her kitchen.  He’s worried about being caught. Katie calls him paranoid.  He last thing Wyatt needs is for his father to find out about them right now. The new Liam Spencer is pissing Wyatt off. He has to answer to his non-profit brother.  Katie tells Wyatt they will figure out what is going on together.  Wyatt heads out to get answers as to why Liam is running Spencer Publications.

Spectra Fashions

At Spectra Sally gets to work with contractors all around her.  Her team arrives. Grams still thinks Thomas had something to do with this, but Sally tells her

Saul think it’s the infamous Aunt Sally. Grams asks how Sally can afford all this.  Sally says she has a new business partner.  Someone who has become near and deaar to him.

20170920 - Sally has a new business partner

Steffy Walks In On Liam and Sally Hugging

Steffy is still concerned about Liam.  He doesn’t like what he is doing to bill, but if he lets him in a crack, he will take over.  Steffy leaves Spencer Publications frustrated with Liam’s attitude.  Liam asks Alison to get rid of the Spencer Tower model.

Sally overhears Liam making some staffing changes including paid maternity leave, removing retirement age stipulations and handing out a college tuition grant. Sally tells him he’s incredible.  Liam scoffs that his father set the bar pretty low.

Sally has a gift for him.  Its her first design since the fire.  She doesn’t know how to thank him for breathing new life into Spectra and her.  He reminds her he’s her silent partner.

Wyatt walks in.  Why is she there Wyatt wants to know?  Las, he knew, Sally was headed out of town.  She was here to thank him for the feature he was going to do .  Wyatt tells Liam he doesn’t know what is boing on here but he intends to find out.

Wyatt leaves and Sally promises to repay Liam.  She has never met anyone so generous.  She doesn’t know how to thank him.  No sketch or money will ever be enough.  Sally hugs Liam.  Steffy walks in and sees.

Steffy Sides with Bill; Brooke Sides with Liam

20190920 Steffy asks Brooke not to leave Bill

At her house, Brooke receives a text. Its from Bill.  He wont’ stop contacting her.  They can work this out.  Brooke’s phone rings.  Its Bill. She ignores it.

Steffy arrives at Brookes house and asks Brooke not to leave Bill.  She doesn’t condone anything Bill has done, but Bill loves Brooke, she tells her.  Steffy is trying to keep this family together.

Brooke says lives have been ruined.  Steffy says he’s dealing with too much.  Brooke is surprised that she is defending Bill not Liam.  Steffy supports her husband, but Bill sees what Liam did as blackmail, and Steffy can’t disagree.

Brooke agrees with Liam.  Bill is entirely out of control and she probably doesn’t even know the full extent of this.  Steffy says Bill and Liam are on the verge of a war.  She’s trying to prevent it.

Bill Regrets His Losses

When Justin visits Bill, he tells him Brooke left him.  Justin tell him things will work out for him – they always do.  He underestimated Liam. IF anyone should be running Spencer its Wyatt.  Liam will run his company into the ground.


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