Steffy Will Make Sally Pay, Bill Will Make Liam Pay, Will Brooke Take Off Her Wedding Ring?

Steffy Will Make Sally Pay

Sally notes that Steffy has a problem with Liam gifting her the Spectra building, Steffy says she does.  And if Sally takes advantage of her husband’s kind heart she should watch out.

Sally says that she has never asked anything from Liam.  Sally tells Princess Steffy that she married a prince.  Sally reiterates that she intends to repay Liam.

Do not lie steal or cheat to make my husband regret what he’s done, Steffy warns.  Liam may not come after her, but she will Steffy tells Sally then asks if they are clear.

Later Coco again tries to work out who Sally’s secret benefactor is.  Sally just says it is someone who is becoming near and dear to her heart.

20170922 - Steffy Warns Sally

Wyatt Warns Liam Bill Will Make Him Pay

Wyatt yells at Liam for gifting a $50 million to Sally.  You are digging a deeper hole for yourself for when Dad comes back, Wyatt warns his brother.  Wyatt asks how Steffy is taking this.  Wyatt can tell Stefy wasn’t happy about it.  Of course, she isn’t.  He just bought a $50million gift for another woman,  One who has tormented his wife since she stepped foot in LA.

Wyatt wants to know what all the secrecy is ab out.  He wants an explanation for the transfer., but Liam tells him that he’s not at liberty to say. And if he expects to continue at Spencer publications he’ll drop it.  Wyatt wonders who he is right now.  What happened to his brother.

Wyatt reminds Liam about all the crazy stuff she’s pulled.  He’s sure Liam’s wife hasn’t. Liam admits she’s not perfect, but is trying to save all that. After everything Bill did to sabotage Sally, Liam is going to make sure she gets the chance to succeed she succeeds.

Wyatt asks his brother of he has a thing for the redhead, because it sure sounds like it.  Liam says he’s just trying to right a wrong. Wyatt totally disagrees with his approach and dad will too.  And when he gets back he will make Liam pay.  For everything.

20170922 - Wyatt Explains to Liam

Ridge and Bill to Fight For Brooke

Ridge asks Bill to explain the changes in his life.  Whatever he did must have been pretty big. Ridge wonders where Brooke’s heart will take her next.  They bicker who did the most despicable think make Brooke leave them.  Bill says for the record Brooke hasn’t left him.

Steffy returns to Forrester.  They discuss Spectra being back up and running.  Ridge wonders who is financing them. Conversation turns to Brooke walking out on Bill.  Ridge admits that he doesn’t know what Bill did.  Steffy seems relieved.  Ridge wonders if all the changes in Bill’s life are related to whatever made Brooke walk out on Bill.  Ridge admits he will always love Brooke and be there for her.

Steffy can’t stop thinking about Bill and everything he’s been through.  He’s not perfect, but he does love Brooke and he’ll do whatever he can to get her back.


Bill Begs Brooke To Come Home

RJ wishes Brooke could admit that no other man will ever be to her what Ridge is.  RJ thinks Ridge is the man that makes her happy.

Later Bill lets himself in. He tells Brooke he’s sorry and wants her to come home.  He admits going to Forrester and talking to ridge.  He understands why Brooke is upset with him.  If he could undo what he did, he would. The fire, hitting his son.  He lost all perspective.  But the most important things in his life are her and his family.  None of the money matters if he doesn’t have her.  He begs Brooke to come back.

Bill understands why she walked away, but he’s going to do everything he can to get her back.  Losing her and his son; their respect; has opened his eyes. Bill tells her they can get through this together.  But Brooke is playing with her rings.  He grabs her hand and tells her not to take that ring off.  Not to even think about taking off her wedding ring.


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