The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: September 18 – 22, 2017 – Will Bill Lose Everything?

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful September 18 – 22, 2017:  Will Bill lose everything?  His company?  Brooke?  Sheila continues to plot Quinn’s downfall

    Enough is Enough.  Bill Stands to lose everything…

    Will Bill Lose Everything?

    Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

    Bill confessed to his wife that he didn’t voluntarily take a leave of absence from Spencer Publication, but was forced out, by his son, Liam.  Of course, Brooke had question and demanded to know why Liam had blackmailed him.  What had Bill done.  Bill finally admitted that not only did he torch Spectra Fashions, but he hit Liam.  Brooke adds lying to her about the leave of absence to his sins.  Brooke is so disgusted that she can’t bear to look at Bill, let along be in the same room.  She goes to leave, but Bill begs her to stay.

    Bill isn’t very persuasive however, as Brooke just gets angrier and angrier.  She yells at him.  When does she stand up and say enough is enough?  She promises Bill that there will be consequences to his actions.  Bill looks worried that he may lose his wife over this.

    But Bill could actually lose everything.  He already feels betrayed by his son, Liam for taking his company away from him, now his wife, who’s ex is ready to take her back anytime, is promising him consequences.  And what Bill is yet to find out is that his other son, Wyatt, is sleeping with the mother of Bill’s youngest son, Will.

    Bill has the potential to feel betrayed by everyone in his life, which could lead to one heck of a rock bottom moment.  Or are we looking at a potential who dun it setup?

    Brooke goes to see Liam and she finds a resolution in him that is unfamiliar to pretty much everyone.  (This new turn in Liam’s personality actually seems to worry Steffy – thanks to a couple of ideas that Bill planted).  Liam tells Brooke that his father is a criminal and he doesn’t plan to forgive him, let alone negotiate with him.

    Sheila Continues to Plot Quinn’s Downfall

    Sheila isn’t giving up on her quest to win back Eric Forrester for herself.  She tells and uncomfortable Charlie that with her brains and his brawn they will prove Quinn to be the cheater Sheila knows her to be.  Sheila is going to take Quinn down.

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