The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: September 25 – 29, 2017 – Bill and Brooke’s Marriage Falls Apart?

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful September 25 – 29, 2017:  While Bill and Brooke relationship is falling apart, Wyatt and Katie are falling in love

    Will Brooke Leave Bill?

    Brooke has done a lot of soul searching since finding out about Bill’s involvement in setting the fire that destroyed Spectra Fashions and why Bill really stepped down from CEO of Spencer Publications.  Steffy has pleaded with Brooke not to leave Bill and now Bill himself is doing the same.  Bill seems very contrite as he’s telling Brooke and everyone who will listen that he would give 100 skyscrapers to have Brooke back, but is she listening?

    Brooke may be but she isn’t buying his regret.  And is making moves to take off her wedding ring and return them to Bill.  Spoilers suggest that Bill will beg Brooke not to give up on their marriage but it looks like that is exactly what Brooke is doing.

    And if she does, Ridge has made it clear to Bill and Brooke that he will be there for Brooke.

    Brooke gives Bill his rings back.  But that isn’t the end.  Everyone is curious why Brooke walked out on her marriage so soon.

    Meanwhile, With Brooke lost to him, Bill goes looking to get his job back.  Does he give Liam one last chance to “get his ass our of Bill’s chair” before unleashing revenge?

    With Brooke out of his life, is it possible will use Steffy to get back at Liam?  That exceptional woman quote and stroking Steffy’s hair is surely foreshadowing a revisit of Bill and Steffy’s attraction from years ago.

    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Katie and Wyatt Falling in Love

    While Bill and Brooke’s relationship is falling apart, Katie and Wyatt and their secret romance is going from strength to strength.  Wyatt encourages Katie to be spontaneous; something the careful Logan sister isn’t exactly known for.  But it looks like she goes along with Wyatt’s plans; and Wyatt is known for his big gestures; and gets the surprise of her life.

    But how long can this relationship last once it is exposed?  And spoilers hit that it will be revelaed this week.

    Will Bill pat his son on the back for bedding his ex-wife?  Doubtful.  And how will Quinn feel that Katie is now involved with her son?  Will she be happy she doesn’t have her sights on Eric anymore?  Or does Quinn have too much on her mind with Sheila’s meddling to interfere in her sons love life?  Yeah Right!


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