The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: September 4 – 8, 2017 – Liam Has Bill Arrested!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful September 4 – 8, 2017:  Bill declares he will get revenge on Liam when he betrays him; the lengths Bill will go to is exposed by Liam; Bill is arrested. Sheila plots to expose Quinn to Eric with Charlie’s help.

    Father vs Son:  It’s a day of reckoning for Bill Spencer and it comes at the hands of his son, Liam.

    Bold and the beautiful Spoilers September 2017

    Bill Spencer Arrested

    Just when Bill believes all the roadblocks to building his Spencer tower on the land where Sepctra Fashions once stood, and new set of obstacles gets in his way.

    Bill miscalculates how which Spencer he has to convince to keep his secrets.  Though Caroline is wracked with guilt over her lie, it is Bill’s son who can take his father’s moral deficits no more.  He gathers all those affected at Spencer Publications and reveals the truth about Caroline’s illness.

    Thomas is as disgusted at Bill’s actions as Liam has been.  With the truth about Caroline now exposed, Liam decides it’s time to stand-up to his father’s heavy handed ways in other areas also.  Bill’s view of loyalty is loyalty to family first.  Not that he adheres to those principals, but he expects his son’s too.

    Bill is stunned when Liam betrays him and turns Bill in for torching Spectra Fashions. Lt Baker makes sure they both understand the consequences of Liam’s accusation.  Bill begs his son not to do this, but when Liam is adamant Bill goes on the defensive.

    Bill claims he was messing around when he took responsibility for the fire.  he says things to get a rise out of people all the time. But Liam is having any of it.  He tells his father that he is now calling the shots and will be for a long  time.

    As Bill is arrested and taken to the precinct by Lt Baker he turns to his son and tells him that no matter how long it takes Bill will get his revenge on him.

    For once, when threatened, Liam doesn’t look scared.  He actually has a “bring it on” expression on his face.  Is there a little bit of Bill’s fierce determination within Liam after all?

    And it was all a fantasy of Liams!  But later in the week when he overhears Bill bullying CJ into sellling what is left of Spectra Fashions for a revised (lower) purhase price, he can take his father’s bullying no more.  Liam will doe everything he has to in order to stop his father.  Liam orders Bill to Step down or Liam will go to the police.   Bill is outraged.  He won’t be blackmailed by his son.

    Sheila Plots to Break Up Quinn and Eric

    Sheila is determined that she will expose Quinn to Eric and have Eric for herself.  Sheila believes that at this stage of Eric’s life he deserves better than Quinn.  What is truly hysterical is that Sheila thinks she is a better option!

    Sheila heads over to Forrester Creations with a plan to use the relationship between Quinn and Ridge to show Eric that the feelings between Ridge and Quinn are simply being denied by the duo and that given the chance they will once again act on those feelings.

    When Quinn and Ridge enter an elevator together, Sheila uses Charlies security controls to stop the elevator. She has her camera ready to snap some photos of the couple should they kiss like they have before.  Sheila gets some kind of photos but with so much to lose Ridge and Quinn are unlikely to succumb to the situation.  But Sheila isn’t one to give up easily.  The duo may not be having an affair but that doesn’t mean she can’t make it look like they are.

    Whatever the plan Sheila has come up with, it needs Charlie to help put it into action.


    Maya Asks Her Husband for a Favor

    When Maya finishes a photo shoot and overhears Lizzie calling Nicole Mama again, Maya is concerned about the connection between Lizzie and her birth mother, Nicole.  When Zende proudly announces that Ridge was impressed by his latest designs, Maya comes up with a plan .  She asks Rick to consider giving Zende a promotion to the Paris office (which is where so many of the Forrester’s go when their portrayers move on!).

    Rick is in charge on Forrester International and likely to do as his wife wishes. But not before calling his wife out on her motivations.  This isn’t so much about supporting Zende’s career developments he tells her, it about shipping Nicole off to Europe and away from Lizzie.

    How will Zende feel?  It’s a promotion within the family business where many Forresters have felt overlooked, so Zende is likely to want to take the opportunity.

    But will Maya get what she wants?  Will Nicole go with him?  And if she does, will she stay in Paris.  This could backfire on Maya if Nicole discovers she can’t be so far away from Lizzie that she leaves her marriage to be with her child.

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