As Steffy Tells Brooke about Liam and Bill Forgiving Each Other, Peace Breaks Down at Spencer Publications

Bill Still Owns Spectra Building

We’re all equals, right?  So, why does it feel like I’m out of the loop.  Bill says this is what is going on.  His pet project will be built.  On the Spectra land.

Bill says the building, like everything else in the company, was bought as part of the Spencer Trust. Justin explains that no one can sign over anything from the Spencer trust without the signature of the trusted.  And that is Bill Spencer.

Bill says he is keeping some of the programs Liam put in place, but he’s not negotiating on Skye.  Bill suggests Spectra can relocate. Gifting a prime piece of real estate to a woman who had nothing isn’t something she earned.

Liam tells Bill that he owes Sally, he’s been sabotaging her from the start.  Liam isn’t going to let Bill do this.

the bold and teh beautiful recap October 30 2017

Bill polishes his skyscraper.  Liam says his relationship with the building is weird. Wyatt agrees.   Bill says he like to fly his freak flag.  Bill says

Bill says he will not sign an notarize the deal Liam put together.  He will set aside finds to relocate Spectra.  That lot is the perfect site for his building. Liam is determined that its not going to happen.

Bill then pulls Wyatt into the argument as the deciding vote.  Of course, he sides with Bill.  Liam realizes this is how this is going to be from now on. His gift to Sally was over the top.  Majority rules says Bill.

Liam isn’t on board with this.  After everything he put Sally through Liam isn’t letting him tear Spectra Fashions down.

Wyatt reminds Liam they’ve kept his programs. Bills says he has compromised a lot.  Now it is time for Liam to do the same.  Family first.  This is a family project.

Liam says that Bill has treated Sally with disrespect.  Bill agrees.  But there is a limit.  He’s offered to relocate her. Skye is going up on the Spectra site and Liam has to accept it.  He wants Liam to be part of it. Bill doesn’t want to be at war. Liam has to accept it. Be one of us, be a Spencer Bill tells Liam.

Sally Admits She’s Crushing on Liam

Sally tells Shirley that Liam stopped by to say Bill as back at Spencer Publications.  Sally says nothing has changed.  Bill can’t touch us, we own the property.  But Shirley thinks he will find a way.

the bold and the beautiful recap October 30

Shirley tries to encourage to get Sally to go after Liam.  But Sally insists she’s not a homewrecker. Liam is the greatest man she’s ever met.  He turned her life around.  Shirley says kind decent men are few and far between. Spectra is back and it’s all due to Liam, Sally agrees.

Steffy Tells Brooke About Bill and Liam Making Peace

Brooke and Steffy review some of Zende’s latest designs.  Conversation turns to Ridge and Bill.  Steffy says that she has two terrific men that love her.  Almost as much as they love themselves Brooke chimes in.  Steffy wonders if Brooke has made a decision.  Brooke still loves Bill but cant’ stand by him after what he’s done.

the bold and the beautiful recap

Steffy tells Brooke that Liam and Bill have forgiven each other.  Steffy explains to Brooke what happened and that Bill and his sons are running the company together.  Brooke is impressed by Steffy’s role in bringing the Spencer family together.  Steffy tells Brooke that Bill is not the same man she walked out on. Brooke says its hard to imagine peace between Bill and his sons.  They discuss Steffy and Liam.  She admits that she wasn’t real thrilled with Liam playing hero to Sally, but her influence over her husband is now over.

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