Bill and Liam Both Credit Steffy With Saving Their Relationship, Matteo Inappropriate Massage?

Katie Tells Wyatt to Help Bill and Liam

Katie tells Wyatt that Bill is not one to turn the other cheek. Wyatt thinks he should go over there.  Forgive and forget isn’t Bill’s style Wyatt says.  Katie suggests may he learned something from this experience.  Wyatt wonders if Bill and Liam’s relationship can come back from this.

Katie speaks from experience when she says it can happen.  Brooke, Wyatt notes. Yes, she’s her sister Katie says. She can’t help but love her regardless of what happened in her marriage.  Hopefully Bill and Liam can do the same, Katie suggests.

Katie tells Wyatt that he can help Liam and Bill get past this.

Bill and Liam Forgive Each Other

Bill tells Liam he understands his frustration.  He failed to lead by example.  He let his obsession drive him to things no man should do.  But blackmail was wrong too.  He wants to use this as an opportunity to get better.  Be kinder and more sensitive to people.  Like Liam. Bullheadedness has made him a lot of money but it has lost him a lot also.  His company, his son and his wife.

Liam agrees they let things get out of hand. Liam doesn’t get it.  He could have kicked him to the curb.  Bill says it was tempting.  He didn’t because of Steffy.  She got through his thick skull.  Bill tells Steffy he will always be grateful for that.  Liam says he will be too.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap October 23 2017

Bill tells Liam he can’t learn from Liam if he doesn’t stay on.  Bill asks Liam to stay on as his right hand. Bill realizes that the feeling he had for Liam is probably what his father felt for him.  He was reacting the same way, and it took Steffy to help him see what he was doing and that they could get through the differences.

Bill appreciates the man he is.  Maybe some of his compassion and sense of right and wrong can rub off.  Liam admits he could use some help too. He can be self-righteous at times.  Bill jokes he hasn’t noticed,  Me either Steffy laughs. Liam tells Bill that he believes him and forgives him; and he’s sorry.  Liam hugs his father.

Bill and Liam both tell Steffy she made the difference.  Wyatt arrives and is surprised to find peace.  He asks if everything is okay. Liam tells Wyatt that Bill forgave him.  Bill says they forgave each other.

And now he’s going to get Brooke to forgive him. Steffy says she is going to stay out of it,

Wyatt asks Bill what will happen to all the changes he made. Liam says they have made a big difffernece  in peoples lives, Bill says he will review each and every one of them with an open mind. Bill tells Liam he is to treat Steffy like the extraordinary woman she is.

Bill gathers his sons and says the Spencer’s are back, Spencer’s 2.0,  and going to burn the house down.  Wyatt and Liam both say “nooo!”  Bill agrees it was not a good turn of phrase.

Matteo’s Massage Becomes Inappropriate

Matteo arrives to find Quinn trying to turn off a fire alarm.  He tells her he will take care of it.  He turns it off. She tells Matteo she isn’t sleeping well because she keeps seeing that cougar with her hand all over her son.  Matteo sees her getting worked up and offers her a massage.  Quinn tells him she’s just going to lie down.

Alone Matteo calls Sheila. Sheila pushes him to seduce Quinn.  He needs to stop with the excuses and get it done.

The Bold and te Beautiful Recap October 23 2017

Matteo knocks on Quinn’s door.  He needs to check the access panel in her closet for the alarm.  She says its fine, she can’t get comfortable, Matteo isn’t surprised she needs to get rid of the tension.  Quinn agrees to a massage. It quickly becomes inappropriate.  He asks if she wants him to stop.

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