Bill Demands Liam’s Blackmail Recording Eliminated, But Liam Won’t Delete His Only Protection Against His Father

Bill Wants Liam’s Recording Eliminated,  Now

Steffy tells Bill he will have his son back.  She’ll see to it. But no more threats against his son, Steffy states. Steffy will go see Liam and plead his case.  Bill tells her that time is running out.  If she doesn’t get through to him…What Steffy wants to know.  What are you going to do to him?

Steffy doesn’t agree with Liam’s blackmail tactics, nor Bill’s threats.

Bill says that if he has to force his way back in to Spencer there will be no place there for Liam. He gives Steffy the chance for one more peaceful attempt to settling this, but he will be back in control.  Bill tells her he doesn’t know he’d get through this without her.

Steffy leaves, and Justin comes in the back way where he’s overheard Steffy and Bill’s discussion.  He wants to know if Bill really wants to make peace with Liam.

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Justin has brought a hacker to hack all of Liam’s devices with a brute force attack to find the file.  Justin says Kenny comes highly recommended. Bill says getting rid of that file is the only way to neutralize his extortionist son.

Justin says that Liam is getting squirrelly. That he threatened to fire him.  Bill says he should be feeling paranoid. Bill will have his company back, no matter what it takes.

Bill says he wants the file deleted from everywhere.  Now.  Justin says with Liam’s IT background they need to be careful.  Bill says if Steffy doesn’t come through he will take matters into his own hands. What he does with Liam after that?  Bill doesn’t know.  But first he needs that recording gone.  Find it, Bill yells at Justin.

Liam Won’t Delete His Protection Against His Father

Liam is meeting with Justin.  He wants Justin to deliver a message to a supplier and Justin is hesitant.  Liam admits his attitude is worrying.  Justin is Bill only way in here.  Justin says he is loyal to his paycheck.  Liam tells him to make him believe it, otherwise he has to go.

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Liam tells Justin he’s in his father’s cross hairs.  Bill has told Liam he’s coming after him because Bill blames Liam for Brooke leaving him. If Liam even gets a hint that Justin is still working with Bill, he’s out of the company immediately.

Justin tells Liam he’s not his enemy.  Liam reminds Justin that Bill recorded confession indicts Justin also.  Justin tells Liam he’s becoming more and more like his father every day.

Liam meets with security and bans Bill from the building.

Steffy arrives.  Liam is glad to see her. Steffy tells him his father wants a reconciliation. Liam wonders why she went to him.  Steffy wants this war to be over. She and Bill want peace. Bills not plotting against Liam, Steffy says.

Does Liam really want to be at odds with his father.  Its torture for her to watch them go at it.  Do this before it gets really serious.  Liam says it already is serious.  Bill committed a crime.

Steffy suggests that he delete the audio file as a sign of good faith.  Liam says he won’t do that.  It’s the only bargaining chip he has. Without it he has no leverage.  Liam says Bill doesn’t know how to feel horrible only attack.  And Liam can feel that is what Bill is preparing to do.

Liam won’t do it.  It’s the only protection he has against a man who vowed to bring him down.

Wyatt Concerned Its Only Time Before Bill Learns About Him and Katie

Wyatt asks Katie how her arm is.  She can’t believe Quinn yanked her out of her own bed.  Wyatt says that’s typical Quinn.  Who he’s worried about is his father.  When he finds out about them, he will probably have my head Wyatt says.  It’s only a matter of time before Bill hears about this and right now he has nothing but time on his hands.

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Katie tells Wyatt that Brooke is divorcing Bill.  Wyatt is surprised they always get back together.  They discuss why Brooke left him and it sounds like he’s defending Bill.  Wyatt assures her he isn’t.

Wyatt says that Bill has already threatened Liam.  Bill will get his payday.  And if Liam doesn’t believe Bill’s threats he should.

Wyatt asks Katie if they are good.  Better than good she tells him.

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