Bill Has a Romantic Steffy Flashback, Liam Tells Steffy It’s None of Her Business, Steffy Calls Sally a Sugar Baby

Liam To Steffy: It’s None of Your Business

Steffy and Liam argue about Sally going to San Francisco together.  Steffy has literally told him she is her arch rival.  He’s her husband she expects her to stand by her.  Liam says when he took over the business it was about something – righting his father’s wrongs.  She is taking something personally that is none of her business Liam says.

Steffy is offended by his strategy of telling her his work is none of her business. They argue about him helping the family that stole form her family for decades.  He’s giving her a building, now engineers and architects.  When will it be enough Steffy wants to know.

Handing Sally a smoking pile of ashes wouldn’t have been restitution for what they lost and the success them were about the enjoy.  The huge retainer is already paid. Steffy still doesn’t see this.  There’s only one person he owes, Steffy tells him and its not Sally.  It’s his father.

Wyatt arrives to hear Liam dealing with an employee.  His daughter can now undergo dialysis now with the upgraded health plan.

Wyatt isn’t impressed. Liam asks if Wyatt reconsidered his proposal.  But he thinks that they should find a new site for Bill’s Tower. Never going to happen, Liam says.  Wyatt says they are too invested not to go ahead.  They’ve paid the architects a huge amount. Liam knows and tells him what he plans to do with the retainer.

Wyatt wonders about Liam’s wife.  He bets that Steffy isn’t too happy with him right now.  Does he want to lose her or is she just plain stupid.

Steffy Tells Sally to Stop Freeloading Off My Husband

Sally tells her grandmother they agreed to not steal from the Foresters anymore.  Shirley thinks that doesn’t extend to husbands. The Forrester’s don’t tend to stay married long its only a matter of time before Steffy dumps him.

Steffy arrives. She tells Sally she is not going to San Francisco with Liam. Steffy is tired of emotional freeloader taking advantage of Liam.  Spectra isn’t Liam’s problem, its Sally’s and Sally should fix it, Steffy tells her brusquely.

Sally says she has never asked him for everything. Steffy calls her a sugar baby collection money from wealthy men.  Give back the gifts and loans and gifts Steffy tells her.  But Steffy knows she won’t do that.

You Lit This Match.  Now It’s Going to Burn

Bill is getting media attention from his “early” retirement.  Bill is in a bad mood.  He sees no one and does nothing. Bill wonders why he couldn’t just leave Spectra alone.  He’s learned a lesson.  When something is inevitable just let it happen.

Wyatt tells Bill Liam asked him to help him run the company.  He turned him down.  He’s not going to prop Liam up. Bill appreciates that.  He tells Wyatt that if Liam doesn’t come around soon Bill is going to make Liam regret he ever heart his name.

Steffy goes to see Bill and tells Bill she failed. She tells him about Liam taking Sally to meet his architects to work on her building.  Bill is furious.  With his retainer.  Steffy tells Bill he lit the match and now its going to burn.  Bill remembers saying that very thing to Steffy years ago when she went after him romantically.  Bill looks shaken, and Steffy asks what is wrong?


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