Bill Tells Steffy the Clock Is Ticking, Ridge Warns Liam to Stay Away From Helicopters, Happiness After Bill for Brooke and Katie

The Clock is Ticking

Bill reflects on telling his son that his life is about to go up in flames.  Then on how much he appreciates Steffy’s support.  Steffy arrives.  Find a way to bring peace to you and Liam Steffy tells him

The time for peace and olive branches is over Bill rants. Bill is disgusted by his son; blackmailing him.  Steffy reminds Bill that he put all this in motion; that what he did was wrong going after Spectra.  Own up to it and stop threatening Liam, Steffy warns him.  There will be no revenge.

But Bill won’t have a any of it.  Steffy tells him she won’t let that happen.  She’s going to do everything she can to prevent the Spencer Family from destroying itself.

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Bill tells her that Liam should treat her with the respect she desires.  That hasn’t been the case lately.  Steffy says she and Liam are fine. She tells him that he is acting out of pain. The two of them need to walk away from blackmail and regret.  Bill wonders if things are too far gone for him and Liam to make amends.  Steffy, however, won’t give up.

Bill wants to be father and son like they used to.  He has to try.  Steffy asks if he really means that.  Bill says he started this and there has to be a way to make it right. IF he means it, Steffy will help him make it right.  Bill says the clock is ticking though.  If she can’t get Liam to stop his shake down, Bill will take over. He won’t be blackmailed his entire life.

Ridge Advises Liam Stay Away from Helicopters

Ridge visits Liam at Spencer and says this is the first time he’s walked into this office and not wanted to throw up in his mouth.  The discuss the changes and Bill taking a leave of absence.  Ridge is curious why.  Liam can’t speak for his father.

Liam changes the conversation to Brooke ending her marriage to Bill.  Liam wonders if congratulations are due to him.  Ridge says he’s just giving Brooke space. Ridge is surprised Liam is on Bill’s side on this one.  Liam thinks it would be wildly irresponsible to advocate anyone being Bill’s wife right now.

Ridge asks why Bill hit Liam.  All Liam will say is that Bill brought it on himself.  Ridge would still love to know why he lost his son, company and wife.  Ridge says he will find out sooner or later.

Liam says Bill has lost all control and has no power over him.  Ridge admires Liam standing up to Bill. Liam says that Bill sees him as the bad guy and threatened revenge.

Ridge advises Liam to stay away from helicopters. Liam says Bill can vow revenge all he wants, but he has the upper hand and he has Steffy by his side.  That’s all he needs.

Katie Assures Brooke There is Happiness After Bill

Bold and the Beautiful recap

Katie is at work remembering Quinn’s tirade.  Brooke walks in and asks if she wants to get coffee.  Brooke asks if she’s okay?  Katie doesn’t want to talk about it, but asks Brooke what she decided about Bill.  Brooke admits to Katie that she ended her marriage.  She didn’t feel she had any other choice.

Bill can be kind and loving but there is a dangerous side to him and Brooke can’t live with that.  Katie understands.  She would be lying if she wsn’t concerned about Will.  He’s a god father but he can be dangerous.  Brooke is glad that Katie understands.  Katie says probably better than anyone.

They discuss if Brooke will go back to Ridge.  But Brooke wants time alone.  She doesn’t want to rush into something.

Brooke says she still cares for Bill but he has a long history of violence. Bill pushes boundaries, she can’t stand by that. Brooke wonders if Bill will ever find his match.

Katie knows what it’s like to love Bill, lose him and move on.  Brooke isn’t sure she can move on.  Katie tells her she will. Happiness will find her Katie tells Brooke. Katie has a feeling it might be with Ridge.

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