Bill Wants Revenge For Liam’s Betrayal of Him and Disrespecting Steffy, Sally Works Out Bill Burnt Down The Spectra Building

Bill Remembers Steffy Trying to Seduce Him

Bill has a flashback to years earlier when Steffy tried to seduce him. Steffy asks what’s wrong.

Conversation turns to Liam taking Sally to San Francisco despite Steffy asking him not to.  Bill says that is disrespectful, and he would never treat her that way.

Bill and Steffy Bond over their troubles with Liam

Steffy says she went to Sally and told her to stop being a victim and start solving her own problems.  Steffy made it clear to Sally not to go to San Francisco with Liam.

Bill doesn’t understand what is going on with Liam. Steffy notes he is changing and nothing is more important to him than rebuilding Spectra – not even his wife.

Bill thanks her for her support.  Steffy cares about this family and him.  They go back to discussing Liam taking Sally to San Franciso.  Bill knows how much this is hurting Steff.  She has tears in her eyes as she says her husband is buying another woman buildings.

Bill complements Steffy, telling her she should be valued by her husband, not treated this way.  She deserves a man, but she’s married to a mouse. Liam won’t compromise with him and now he is disrespecting his wife this way.  Bill won’t have it.  He will have his revenge he tells Steffy.

Wyatt Worries About Liam Being in the Cross Hairs of Bill’s Revenge

Wyatt tells Liam he needs to make a compromise with their father before it’s too late.  He doesn’t want Bill as an enemy and he doesn’t want to draw battle lines with his wife over Sally.  Liam won’t budge, however.  He appreciates Wyatt’s concern, but there is nothing their father can do to him.

Liam leaves.  Katie arrives to see Wyatt. They kiss in Bill’s old office.  Katie asks where Liam is.  Wyatt fills him in on Liam going to San Francisco with Sally.  Katie can think of a few people who may not be okay with that.

The BOld and the Beautiful recap October 6 2017

Katie says that this might be the most difficult challenge Bill has ever had. Wyatt nots that Bil doesn’t do difficult.  He goes after whoever hurt him.  Wyatt doesn’t understand Liam risking Bill’s wrath, for Sally.

Katie says she can see how much he cares about Liam.  Wyatt describes Liam’s incense always believing the best in everyone, but Liam is losing that. Liam is right in the cross hairs of Bill’s revenge right now,

Wyatt isn’t looking forward to Bill learning about him and Kaite,  But it will be nothing comparied to what Bill will dod to Liam.

Sally Realizes Bill Had Spectra Burnt Down

On the plane, Liam tells Sally that he thinks they should bulldoze and start over with the building.  But Sally is there to tell him she can’t go with him.  He has done way too much for her already.  What Bill did is not Liam’s job to fix. What he has done already is unbelievable kind.  He has given her way too much.

Liam tells Sally he not only wants to help her, he needs to. She has to let him help her. Sally says he gave her a second chance.  Liam doesn’t owe her anything, she says.  He has made up for his father tenfold.  Liam says she would be so much further along if it weren’t for Bill.  Sally says the fire was a terrible accident but that is all it was.  Right?  She looks at Liam’s steely face.  You’re telling me your father was responsible?  He had Spectra fashions burnt down? Sally asks aghast.  Liam admits that Bill is responsible for the fire.

Liam doesn’t blame her if she wants to call the cops.  But he needs her to not say anything about the fire.  Sally works out exactly whey Liam is in charge of Spencer Publications and why he is helping her so much.  She calls him a saint.  No one has ever done any thing like this for her in her entire life.  He has been a god send to her.  Sally hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.

Shirley Determined Sally Should Go After Liam

Shirley tells Darlita and Saul that Sally is going to San Francisco with Liam.  They discuss Sally lighting up when she looks at Liam.  Saul is horrified – Liam is a married man.  And Steffy Forrester might have something to say about that.

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