Brooke Ends Her Marriage Because Bill Scares Her, Bill Proves Brooke’s Decision Right By Going After His Son

Liam Has No Sympathy For Bill

Steffy is worried about Bill’s threats against Liam. She tells Liam that she is concerned about his father. He’s at home angry and he’s plotting.  Don’t be naïve, Steffy advises.  Bill will fight back.

Liam wonders who side Steffy is on.  She’s just tryng to get Liam to see Bill’s point of view. Liam thinks she should be on his.  Steffy says that she is on his side.  Liam says only regret is getting caught and losing control.  Steffy tells him that Bill has vowed to make Liam pay if Brooke walks out on him.

In Bill’s eyes this is Liam’s fault.  But Liam won’t feel guilty about it.  Steffy is surprised Liam has no sympathy. Liam says Bill needs to face the consequences of what he set in motion, like a big boy.

Brooke Ends Her Marriage

Bill wishes he could go back and change things but he can’t.  He got a wake up call.  He hands Brooke her wedding ring back.  Giving up on them is not an option. They will get through this together, Bills ays.  He will make it right with everyone but he needs her in his corner.

But Brooke reminds him again that he could have killed people.  He know feels sorry for himself, not Liam or Sally.  He doesn’t care about what anyone else wants just himself.  He takes risks with others peoples life and going to jail.  Brooke doesn’t want to take those types of risks.  She wants to do what is right.  Brooke will always love him, just not as his wife.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap

Bill tells her he won’t take it. This is his home and he’s her husband.  She’s never walking out that door again, Bill says.  Brooke reminds him this isn’t the first time he has done something like this – he dumped Ridge out of a helicopter into the ocean.

He just takes what he wants whenever he wants it however he wants to do it.  It scares Brooke.  He scares Brooke. His reactions don’t make her feel safe.  She has to end this marriage Brooke tells Bill.

Brooke gives Bill back his ring as she tells him how hard this is for her and how much she really loved him.  Brooke leaves in tears. Bill remembers Brooke proposing, marrying him, Brooke leaving and the treat he made against Liam if Brooke left him.

Bill Tells Liam His Life is About to Go Up in Flames

Liam gets a call.  Bill is in the building.  He arrives.

Bill asks if Liam is satisfied yet.  Not only did he take his company, but Brooke is divorcing him.  Liam asks if Bill is surprised.  Actions have consequences Liam says.  Bill says he’s right. Steffy begs Bill not to do this.

She cries and Bill insults then threatens Liam.  He blames Liam for losing Brooke.  Liam says he should blame himself and make some changes.  Bill says there are changes coming, And they are coming Liam’s way.  If Liam thinks buffing down a rat invested building was bad, Liam should think again.  Bill tells his son his life is about to go up in flames.

Katie and Ridge Wait to Hear About Brooke’s Decision

Katie tells Ridge that Brooke is at Bill’s talking to him.  They wonder if tis about ending the marriage or trying again.  Katie reminds Ridge that Brooke has forgiven Bill and Ridge many times. Katie doesn’t want to see Ridge get hurt.

Ridge has a meeting to go to.

Brooke returns to work and Ridge finds her.  Its over, Brooke tells Ridge.  She says it doesn’t mean she’s coming back to him.  He understands that.  He’s  just there for her and hugs her.


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