Eric Tells Sheila to Leave Him, His House, And LA – Will She?

Eric and Quinn Play Sheila

Sheila is horrified when Quinn tells her that she is the one that got played. You tricked me. She says.  Eric asks how that feels. Eric can’t believe that Sheila thought this would work,  he’s in love with Quinn.  More than any other woman in his life.  She manipulated everyone here.  She hasn’t changed a bit. Eric tells Sheila that he wants her out of his house and out of his life.  Quinn is Mrs. Eric Forrester.  Someone she will never be again.

The Bold and the beautiful Recap october 26 2017

Matteo tells Quinn and Eric that he should have known better but doesn’t want to lose his job.  He tells Quinn he is so sorry.  Eric asks Matteo to leave them but return in a few minutes to help him put Quinn’s portrait back up.

Sheila tells Eric that she was trying to look out for him.  Eric says that she has let him down time after time.  She’s the same devious person she was years ago. Eric says Quinn is his wife and she has to accept that. Eric tells Sheila to leave, immediately. Sheila is sorry but she only had his best interests at heart,

She thought Quinn wasn’t worthy of him, but Quinn proved her wrong.  Quinn says she’s sick of Sheila’s excuses.  She needs to leave and never come back Quinn tells her.

Sheila wants a minute alone with Eric.  Eric agrees.  Shella sys she put Quinn to the test and she passed.  Quinn is a better woman than she is. Sheila wishes them all the best.  She’s ashamed of her actions. But their friendship meant a lot to her.  He’s an incredible man.

Eric encourages Sheila to move on with her life, but not in LA.  He doesn’t think it can happen for her here.  But Sheila isn’t ready to let go of the fantasy. She will always cherish the memory of them together.  She knows that even with her shortcomings part of his still finds her fascinating.  Sheila tells him she will miss him and leaves.

Outside, Quinn startles Sheila.  She tells her to get the hell off her property. Quinn tells her she will never be a Forrester.  She’s sick and demented and Quinn never wants to see her face again.  Quinn goes inside and Sheila laughs maniacally.

Wyatt Wonders Where He Fits In At Spencer

Wyatt explains to Katie that she isn’t even on Quinn’s radar.  There is someone she dislikes more,  katie asks who she has to thank for that.  Sheila, Wyatt explains. She’s trying to sabotage his mom’s marriage.

Wyatt explains what Sheila planned. They end up kissing and going upstairs.

The Bold and the beautiful Recap October 26 2017

Upstairs he explains to Katie what happened with Liam and his dad. Wyatt wonders where he fits in at Spencer now that Bill is back and Liam has been forgiven.  He gets a text from Bill telling him he needs to get back to the office.  But Katie enters wearing lingerie. After they make love Wyatt doesn’t want to leave but he has a meeting with his dad.

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