Eric Warns Matteo Not to Cross Him, Sheila Warns Matteo Not to Back Out of Their Deal, Steffy Worries About Bill’s Threats Against Liam, Liam Doesn’t

Steffy Worries About Bill’s Threats Against Liam

Steffy tells Bill on the phone that him threatening his son if Brooke leaves him has to stop.  Bill tells her that Liam doesn’t appreciate her, not the way she deserves to be.  Steffy hangs up.

Liam arrives they kiss but she is clearly distracted.  Liam says he cut his trip short because he wanted to respect her feelings.  Liam asks her not to doubt that he loves her.  But Steffy is worried about Bill’s threat.

The BOld and the Beautiful daily recap october 10 2017

Steffy didn’t approve ov Liam going with Sally, but it was his call.  Liam doesn’t like it when things come between them.  Steffy wonders if Liam is really hearing her. Exiling Bill from his company is wrong and dangerous.  She warns her husband to be careful.

Liam thinks that ne did Bill a favor by keeping him out of jail.  Steffy and Liam argue.  Liam thinks he can handle his father, but Steffy doesn’t think so. Liam notes it sounds like Bill has gotten to her.

Steffy warns Liam that his ffather is going to come after him.  Liam doesn’t see how.  He’s got the company and he’s got her.  That’s all that matters to him.

Sheila warns Matteo Not To Back Out of Their $200,000 Deal

Matteo arrives at Sheila’s hotel.  They go over their deal.  He gets the money when he proves that Quinn isn’t a devoted and loving wife.  He will get the money he needs for his family and she will get to be MRs Eric Forrester again. Don’t even think about backing out, Sheila states.

the bold and the beautiful daily update october 10

Matteo gets Eric’s text.  He wants him to buy a massage table on the way in.  Sheila is delighted.  Quinn will.

Later, Charlie arrives unsummoned.  He wants her out of town. He wonders how an RN ex-con gets a job at Il Giordino. Charlie wants her out of LA.  She should accept that Quinn and Eric are solid and scram.

Sheila laughs at him. Charlie understands she took the job to be close to Eric.  She’s stalking him like a vulture.  Her chances of becoming Mrs Forrester are zero.

Sheila tells him he doesn’t know her very well.  She will get her husband back. It’s going to happen.

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Update October 10

Quinn’s $200,000 Massage

Quinn’s back is feeling much better after her massage with Matteo.  Eric notes he’s very young and good looking.  She assures him that she only has eyes for him.  She says that once her back is better they can get back to all their activities.

Eric texts Matteo, he wants Eric to keep working his magic on Quinn.  Matteo arrives with the massage table.  Matteo says that he will get Quinn fixed.  He just needs a few more minutes to set up the room

Eric sees the room set up later.  He’s become important to him, managing his estate.  Trust is important to him Eric notes.  Cross me and pay the price, Eric warns.  Matteo says he understands.  Quinn arrives and compliments him on the set-up.  Matteo gets started with the massage.

Matteo can’t shake Quinn telling him she’ll pay him $200,000 to seduce Quinn.

Bill Tells Justin He Plans to Get Even With Liam

Justin reports to Bill.  They have to find some way to stop Liam.  Bill says he plans to do just that. Bill tells Justin that he thinks Liam sees Sally more than just an investment.   All the signs are there. Justin wonders if Bill really thinks that Liam has a thing for Sally Spectra with a wife as incredible as Steffy.  Justin isn’t buying it. Bill moans that Liam has cost him pretty much anything.  If he loses Brooke Liam better have an army watching his back.

Bill notes Steffy knows this too.  He foresees problems for Steffy and Liam.  Liam is neglecting her.

Justin asks what Bill is going to do.  Liam may be his son, but he knows he isn’t going to let him get away with this.


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