Katie Worries About Quinn’s Mental Stability, Eric Does Also; Sheila Delighted in Quinn’s Violent Streak Resurfacing

Katie Tells Eric Quinn is Unstable

Eric sees the injuries Quin inflicted on Katie when she found her in bed with Wyatt.  Katie tells Eric that Quinn barged into her house uninvited, burst into her bedroom and went berserk.  She’s as unstable as she’s ever been, Katie says.

You married a crazy person Katie yells at Eric.

Quinn screamed like someone was murdered and then hauled her out of her bed by her arm.  And then threatened her to stay away from Wyatt.

Eric says this is too much.  He knew she would be upset but this is too much.  Katie says she hasn’t changed.  She gave Sheila a concussion in your home and attacked me in mine.  Katie wonders if this is really the woman he wants to be married to.

Eric admits Quinn’s behavior lately worries her.  Katie says she has serious doubts about Quinn’s mental stability.  What happens when she seriously hurts someone or worse.  He can’t spend his life doing damage control for Quinn.  There has to be someone else out there for him, Katie says.

Sheila Bonds with Pam Over Stephanie

Charlie and Pam are surprised to see Sheila waitressing at Il Giordino. Sheila says she’s trying real hard to jump start a new life when Pam questions her choice of restaurant to work at.  Charlie gets called back to Forrester and Sheila keeps Pam company. Sheila tells Pam that the past is the past.  She is rehabilitated. They both want what is best for Eric Sheila says

Sheila uses Stephanie’s memory to make a connection with Pam.  Sheila wonders if Pam honestly things Stephanie would approve of Quinn.

Pam says no, but Pam doesn’t think Sheila is a good partner for Eric either.  Pam tells Sheila its nice to hear someone still talk about Stephanie with respect.  Sometimes she thinks everyone has forgotten her. Sheila tells Pam she’s had a serious loss.  But Sheila needs to get back to work.  If Pam ever wants to talk, Pam knows where to find her.

Eric Is Disappointed in Quinn


Matteo gives Quinn a massage while she talks.  He defends Eric not telling her by saying it sounds reasonable that Eric wanted to give Wyatt the chance to tell her himself.  Matteo tells her that he doesn’t think she overreacted. Quinn tells him it feels good to be understood.  Matteo tells her that he is here for her.

Eric barges in on Quinn as her massage is winding up.  He wants to talk to Quinn alone.  Eric rails at Quinn for attacking Katie in her own home. Eric yells that he can’t keep defending her and he is so disappointed in her.

Matteo goes downstairs and calls Sheila. Matteo fills Sheila in on what set Quinn off to attack Katie.  Sheila notes that Eric won’t be impressed with Quinn’s escalating pattern of violent.  Attacking Katie after what Quinn also did to her.  Sheila is delighted with the turn of events.  She tells herself that she and Eric will be together again.  Together at last…

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