Liam Loses His Leverage, Bill Takes Back His Company and Makes (Fake?) Peace With His Son

The Recording is Gone!

Justin spent the night sneaking around Liam’s office and found a USB stick.  It’s a copy of his little conversation.  Bill says they are going to wipe out all traces of this file.  And they are going to do it today.

The hacker comes in.  He’s done. It wasn’t easy, the kid knows his stuff, but it’s gone, all audio files from all his files, emails and devices. The only think he’d have to worry about is any physical, and offline back-ups.

Like this Bill says waving around the USB stick.

Bill and Justin celebrate.  It is now Liam’s word against his.  Let’s do this Bill tells Justin.

Bill Stages a Coup of His Own

Liam is at work and notices small changes about his desk and office.  He buzzes Allison and asks if they hired a new cleaning crew.  But they didn’t.  Steffy arrives.  She won’t take up much of his time. Liam asks if she’s here on another peace keeping mission.  She is.  He needs to delete the recording and Bill will meet him halfway and end the blackmail.

Liam tells her that would be stupid.  He would lose all his leverage.  His father committed a crime, Liam reminds his wife, and she has to stop siding with him.

Liam says his father is out to get him so he has to keep the recording.  He talks to him with the same contempt he spoke of Sally,  He burned her building down. Who knows what Bill will do to him.

the bold and teh beautiful recap october 20, 2017

Bill and Justin enter. Justin tells Liam he’s very loyal to one man, the CEO of this company dollar bill spencer.

Bill tells Liam he’s reinstating himself.  Liam asks if he really wants him to go to the police.  Go ahead Bill says. Nothing will give him more pleasure than watching Lt Baker chew him out for wasting his time. Liam starts looking for the recording. Liam says its gone.  Bill says there are computer nerds out there even nerdier than he is.  Liam thinks he’s clever until he realizes his offline backup is also in Bill’s hands.

He had to know from the minute he recorded him behind his back that he’d be working on this.  Get out of my chair, Bill tells Liam.

Steffy asks Bill what he’s doing.  He promised peace.  Bill said Liam wouldn’t cooperate.  Bill tells Liam he made a mistake.  Only one think comes first when your last name is Spencer.  Family.  Above all else.  That should have mattered. But it didn’t because you were too power hungry to care.  Now you will pay, Bill tells his son.

Steffy warns him not to do anything foolish. Steffy says evidence or not he knows what he did and how wrong it is.  Steffy tells Liam to collaborate with his father,  make the company what he wants it to be,  Steffy tells them that the company belongs to both of them.

Liam admits the recording was not his finest moment.  But you hit me Liam says.  You deserved it Bill says, but it was a mistake.  Bill says he’s a man of his word. Liam believes Bill will get even with him.  Bill says he was angry and was looking for revenge. The Spencer way is to eliminate enemies.  He should thank his wife, Steffy calmed him.  She was his voice of reason, his confidante. Steffy made him realize there is only one thing he wants. Liam’s forgiveness.  Bill wants his family back.  He wants his son back. If Liam will forgive him. He will forgive Liam.  Bill tells Liam he loves him and hugs him.  Steffy cries.  Liam tells Bill he loves him too.

Wyatt Hears About Bill’s Return As CEO

Wyatt visits Katie at work. The discuss Liam and Bill’s situation.  Wyatt says he doesn’t want Liam in charge but he doesn’t want him hurt either.  When Bill gets revenge, he comes down hard.  That will be very back for Liam, Wyatt states, worried for his brother.

the bold and the beautifu recap october 20, 2017

Wyatt gets a call from Allison who says Bill is back as CEO. Katie tells Wyatt he needs to get over there.  Bill goes to dark places when he’s betrayed. If that evidence is gone there is nothing stopping Bill going after Liam for revenge.

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