Liam Taking Sally to San Francisco, Steffy Furious, Shirley Encourages Sally to Make A Move If She Wants Liam

Steffy Advocates For Bill With Brooke

Steffy visits with Brooke. Steffy agrees with Brooke that what Bill did is crazy and wrong. But is Brooke really going to leave Bill for her father.  Steffy notices her rings are missing.

Steffy wonders if Brooke is prepared to end her marriage to Bill.  Brooke wants to know she married a good man.  Steffy says they don’t know anyone who hasn’t made a mistake.  IF she lets this derail her marriage, Steffy advises, she could lose him forever.

Later Ridge arrives. Ridge tells Brooke to take as much time off work as she needs to figure this out.   Ridge says he’s never going to let her down again.  He loves her. He’ll be waiting when she’s ready. They banter about how long it might take.

The Bold and the Beautiful Oct 4 2017 Recap

Bill Tells Ridge to Respect His Marriage

Bill barges into Ridge’s office. Bill tells ridge he’s going to respect his marriage.  Ridge says he respects Brooke.  Bill isn’t going to be bated. His marriage to Brooke isn’t ending.  Ridge thinks Brooke’s actions don’t reflect that.  Bill compares Ridge to a flu bug. Bill isn’t going to give up on Brooke. They are going through hell right now but they will get through it.  Bill won’t let Ridge or anyone get in the way of that.

Liam Asks Sally to Come to San Francisco With Him

Liam arrives at Spectra find Sally and Shirley discussing renovations. Liam tells Sally he’s going to San Francisco and that she should come with him. On a business trip. There are some people in San Francisco he thinks Sally should meet.  Sally gets rid of Shirley so they can talk.

Liam says he has to go meet with the architects, she should come to see if there is anything they can do to help her. The retainer has been paid and they already know the site.  Liam reminds her this is not a DIY renovation job.  Sally agrees to go with him.  Liam makes the business trip seem like fun. Liam loves having the power to make positive changes in both the company and the world.

Liam thinks that everyone wins if they help each other out.  Sally is determined to repay Liam but she can’t imagine how. She can’t thank him enough.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap October 4 2017

Later, Sally explains the situation to Shirley. Shirley says Bill Spencer is getting a lesson in karma. Sally wonders how Steffy will feel about the trip.  Sally doesn’t want a fight with Steffy Forrester. Shirley says she sees how she looks at Liam. Liam is a married prince.  Married to the most powerful and beautiful in the industry.  Liam isn’t’ just doing this out of the kindness of his heart, though he doesn’t quite know it yet.  Shirley tells Sally she’s going to have to make the first move if she wants him.

Steffy Is Furious About Liam Continuing to Help Sally

Later at Spencer Liam is surprised that Steffy is advocating for Bill with Brooke.  They change the subject to his trip.  She wishes she should go.  Liam says she probably wouldn’t like the company since Sally is coming along.  Steffy is unhappy and gets even angrier when he explains why Sally is coming.  Sally needs help, Liam defends.

Sally counters with why that help has to come from him.  She says Liam has helped Sally way more than she deserves already.

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