Matteo Accepts Sheila’s Deal, Bill Will Hurt Liam if Brooke Leaves Him, Sally Interested in Liam, Liam Realizes His Marriage is Off Track

Back in LA, Liam Needs to Get His Marriage Back on Track

Liam and Sally are on their way to San Francisco.  Sally is now totally okay with using the architects’ retainer now that she knows Bill started the fire.  Sally tells him he’s put a lot on the line to help her.  And she mentions the kiss on the cheek earlier was totally innocent.  Liam understands that.  He’s sure they will be friends for a long time, but he’s committed to his wife forever.

The architects are meeting them on the jet.  Liam admits Steffy wasn’t thrilled about this trip so he wants to make the meeting and trip as quick as possible.

Liam takes the lead of the building meeting.  They will draw up blueprints and come to LA to assess the building.  The architects leave.

Sally is thrilled and emotional.  She can’t believe all this is happening.  And it’s all because of him.  They drink champagne on the way back to LA.  Sally tells him she’s glad to have him on her team.  She’s never had a man treat her the way he does.  She quickly says that came out wrong.  She respects him and his marriage.  Liam laughs.  Sally hopes that Steffy knows how lucky she is to have a husband like her.  He’s a catch but he’s taken.  If he weren’t she could see the potential for more.

Liam says he has a marriage to get on track.  He needs to make sure nothing gets between them ever again.

20171009 - Sally on way to SF with Liam

Bill Will bring Down Pain on Liam He Wouldn’t Wish Upon His Worst Enemy

Bill tells Steffy that Liam’s world will come crashing down if he doesn’t wake up.  He will make sure of it.  IF Bill loses Brooke he’s coming after Liam and hell is coming with him.

His own self-righteous boy scout of a son blackmailed him and it cost him his wife.  Brooke saw through his story about his leave of absence.  He had no choice but to tell her the truth.

Bill rants about all he has given Liam.  He was a nothing and nobody before Bill.  He would have nothing if it weren’t for him.  Including Steffy.

Steffy tells him to stop.  She loves Liam.  Bill note that he doesn’t think Liam respects her the way she deserves flying off to San Francisco with another woman.

Steffy admits that Liam is rescuing Sally yet again. Bill rants you don’t fix the world by doing a warrior pose you have to be a warrior.  Liam can’t do that.  And it will be the demise of his company.   Thanks to Liam it will all be ruined.

Anyone worth their salt wants to earn a living, not be given handouts.  But if Liam keeps going his employees will lose their jobs just like he did.

Steffy asks him not to make this worse.  Bill says this is on Liam.  If Brooke doesn’t come home there will be trouble. If his marriage falls apart over this he will bring pain on him that he wouldn’t wish upon his worst enemy.

Bold and the beautiful October 9 2017

Nicole visits LA

At the Forrester Mansion Eric and Ridge discuss Brooke not telling anyone why she left Bill.  Nicole arrives on a visit from Paris.  Zende didn’t come, but she and Zende both love it at International.  Nicole goes to meet Maya and Lizzie.


Quinn Gets A Massage From Matteo

Upstairs Quinn is taking a steam to relieve her back.  Matteo walks in to find her dressed in only a towel.  He’s there to fix the steam.  He asks if she’s alright when she moves stiffly.  She tells him she trew her back out.  Turns out Matteo is also a massage therapist on the side.

Quinn asks if he would mind giving her a massage. He agrees.  He starts the massage with the towel in place, but removes it to get into he muscles. Quinn tells him he’s really good at this.  Matteo reflects on Sheila’s offer of $100,000 to seduce Quinn as he massages.

Later Eric comes in and learns that Matteo gave her a massage.  Eric says he forgot he had just gotten his massage license when they interviewed him.  Eric isn’t sure how he feels about him massaging her.

Matteo Agrees To Seduce Quinn for Money

Matteo goes to Sheila and reports back. Sheila says its perfect.  She wonders if he’s considering her proposition.  He’s not sure he can break up a marriage.  Though Mrs Forrester is a very attractive woman and his family could use the money.  Sheila doubles the pay day with the rest paid when she becomes Mrs Forrester again.  He agrees to do it and they shake on the deal.


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