October 11: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Worries How Long Brooke Is Gone

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 – Episode #7691


Will Brooke Go Back to Bill, Or Move On With Ridge?

the bold and the beautiful spoilers

Bill furious over Liam’s continued spending spree at Spencer Publications has told both Justin and Steffy that if he loses Brooke over Liam’s blackmail, he will bring down the wrath of Bill Spencer upon his son.  And Bill is losing patience with the entire situation.  He tells Justin the longer he and Brooke are apart, the likelier it is that they will stay apart.  Bill has to be just a little concerned that while Brooke is not speaking to him, she is however finding a shoulder to lean on in Ridge, her ex who has made it clear he wants her back.

And that is the question on everybody’s mind.  With Brooke keeping quiet about what Bill did for her to leave him speculation is rife about Brooke’s relationships with both Bill and Ridge.  Katie, since learning what Bill did is wonders what her sister is thinking.  But in the process, Brooke wonders what is going on it Katie’s life and Brooke ends up speculating about Katie’s love life.

Sheila Won’t Buckle to Charlie’s Demands

Sheila with a new plan in place to break up Quinn and Eric, finds Charlies demands for her to leave Los Angeles highly amusing. What Charlie doesn’t understand is that Sheila has offered the young and handsome Matteo a deal.  The young man, who’s family needs money, succumbed when Sheila sweetened the deal to seduce Quinn.  Not only will Sheila pay him $100,000 to break up Quinn and Eric’s marriage, but she’ll add another $100,000 bonus when she becomes Mrs. Eric Forrester.

With the young man now, Quinn’s personal masseuse Sheila is confident of her plan.  And with Matteo enjoying his new role, Sheila’s plan could also work.  Clearly, Eric is also a little worried because he’s warned the young man not to cross him.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday October 11, 2017

October 11 in Bold and the Beautiful History 

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